4 Ways To Rechristen Compliance E-learning For The Modern Workforce

What is Compliance E-learning? Compliance E-learning is employee training mandated by legislation, regulation or policy. It educates and trains the employees on the laws or regulations applicable to their job function or industry. Here are some popular compliance e-learning topics that are mandatorily conducted in organisations around the world: •Anti-Harassment Training •Workplace Safety (OSHA) [...]

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3 Examples Of How Microlearning Improves Compliance E-Learning?

World over L&D professionals and compliance professionals are putting their best minds to explore the learning strategies that can help them to make the compliance e-learning engaging for their learners. So does microlearning fit the bill for increasing learner’s engagement for compliance e-learning? To understand how microlearning can improve compliance e-learning scenario, let us [...]

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Compliance E-Learning: 8 Challenges To Overcome

It is perceived by many that compliance training is a burden to the organization.  Making the scenario more complex are the various challenges to overcome when developing compliance training courses. Hence in this blog, let us understand what are the challenges to overcome when developing your compliance training courses. 1.Lack Of Motivation From Employees [...]

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Compliance E-learning- 6 Best Practices To Increase Effectiveness

With the boring tag associated for the compliance modules, organizations are evaluating new learning strategies and practices to make the modules interesting and engaging for their employees. Hence in this blog, I have put forward 6 e-learning best practices for effective compliance learning 1.E-learning assessments According to Evangeline Harris Stefanakis, "The word assess comes [...]

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Evaluate Your Existing Compliance Training: 5 Essential Tips

Do you feel that your existing compliance training programs are outdated? Are the existing compliance training programs the best one for you? Do they bring the required results for your organisation? If you are worried and seeking answers to such questions, it is time to evaluate your existing compliance training programs. Here are my [...]

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Corporate Compliance E-Learning: 5 Defining Trends Shaping The Future

From being a mandatory exercise of putting a tick mark and declaring “we are compliant”, there are considerable changes underway in the domain of corporate compliance as the whole system is now becoming increasingly strict and vigil in view of the need for greater transparency as well as corporate governance. The statistics tell you [...]

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How Cyber Security E-learning can Improve Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber security is no longer the job of the IT department alone. In fact, if your organization still boasts about hundreds of employees on the IT security team, I am sorry to say that you are still not fully protected from the evil hands of cyber threat and data breach. With the latest antivirus [...]

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