Advantages of Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile applications are gaining a lot of momentum nowadays as it is used by all the age group from children to adults. It is the most preferred medium for the millennials as they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as per their convenience. As the technology advances, the companies are now going mobile [...]

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13 FAQs About Responsive E-learning

At XLPro elearning, we receive a lot of inquiries from various organisations about responsive e-learning. Hence I thought to collate thirteen frequently asked questions about responsive e-learning and present them in this blog. 1. What is responsive e-learning? Responsive learning in simple terms is a single version of the course designed and developed for [...]

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What does the Shift to HTML5 mean for E-Learning Developers?

During the coffee break, I was catching up with my e-learning developer colleague who is an ace in rapid authoring tools and he was mentioning how the advent of rapid authoring tools has redefined the e-learning development. It was a welcome change for the developers from flash to using rapid authoring tools, most of [...]

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7 Tips To Identify If Mobile Learning Is The Right Fit For Your Organization

Being in the marketing space of learning technology business, I am often asked by learning and development professionals, if mobile learning can be implemented in their organization and how to do it? My answer to them always is “Look around… Are your employees not always hooked to their mobile devices in their personal time? [...]

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Mobile Learning Examples : 5 Areas of Application

I recently renewed my bike’s insurance and I had a very pleasant experience, which I will like to share with my readers. I was greeted by a young executive, who had a tab in his hand and he swiped the screens and explained me the various features of the policies. He seemed quite well [...]

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Designing Responsive E-Learning Layouts

A beautifully designed elearning course can enhance a user's learning experience. One of the critical aspects, which defines a good e-learning course from an average one is its layout. Layout refers to the arrangement of elements on a page, referring to the specific placement of image, text, buttons, navigation etc but is not limited [...]

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What are Mobile Learning Apps?

From the time of inception of iPhone, smart-phones has dominated the market and even it has made most of the things in our lives easier. Nowadays we use apps for daily purpose, we use Whatsapp for Instant Messaging, sharing pics and documents, use Skype for Video calling, use the Facebook app for Social Networking, [...]

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Your phone is smart. Is your e-learning smart too?

With a “smart” phone in almost every corporate hand; it’s time we make our learning modules smarter too! Here are 5 things that you can do to make the e-learning experience truly sMart (with a dash of “M” to it)! 1. Make it social! Mobile devises are powerful modes of social communication. They open [...]

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