9 Top Mobile Learning Trends For 2019

Whether you’re an organisation with an established mobile learning strategy or looking to implement one in 2019,  I am sure that you will be keen to know more about the mobile learning trends for 2019. Hence in this blog, I have collated and included the top 9 mobile learning trends for 2019. 1.Artificial Intelligence [...]

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6 Ways Mobile Learning Boosts Employee Engagement

There is no denial of the fact that mobile devices have become an integral part of our life. They are used for a variety of functions i.e from capturing your moments, booking a cab and ordering for your favorite  food and for quality learning purpose as well If you are looking to find the [...]

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Developing Mobile Learning: 7 Steps To Follow

According to a Google Insights study, people around the world use an average of 2.5 connected devices each. That is a huge number and It justifies the popular statement -'mobile devices are  a part of our life’ From the traditional learning approach, there is a visible shift among the learners to use the mobile [...]

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Mobile Learning Experience: 5 Tips To Improve It

The mobile learning (m-learning) market has flourished over the years. According to the statistics published in the marketsandmarkets.com, the Mobile Learning Market  is expected to be worth $37.60 Billion Hence with the increasing growth of m-learning, isn’t there a need to focus on improving the learning experience on the mobile devices? Frankly, I believe [...]

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Mobile Learning:7 Quick Tips To Choose The Right Authoring Tool

Over the past few years, there is a visible shift in the leaning from PC and desktops to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc. To accommodate this shift, the rapid authoring tools have improved and updated their features to develop responsive mobile learning solutions. From designing courses for desktop screens, the authoring tools [...]

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4 Key Challenges In Mobile Learning

From the past some years, organisations are keen to integrate and implement mobile learning (aka m-learning) into their learning strategy.  While it is true that mobile learning offers considerable benefits to build and support a collaborative and communicative learning environment among the learners. , we also need to look into the challenges that are [...]

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Uses of Mobile Learning for Sales Staff

Hello Sir..! Good Morning...It seems like you are interested in the share market. Analysing the past few weeks, the market is not that great for immediate gain, I would say that keep your money on safe portfolios and look for long term gain. In fact, I work at a stockbroker firm and I feel [...]

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HTML5 Based Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning: 5 Reasons To Choose Them

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is purely the codes that are used by developers to develop the web pages. The first version of HTML was created in 1993. From HTML 1.0 to HTML5, there are a lot of changes and updations that helped in evolving to improved versions and the final version of HTML5 [...]

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