Microlearning for Sales Training: 4 Core Areas of Application

In the field of sales only one thing is supreme and yes you have guessed it right-its the numbers that speak.. In order to achieve the desired numbers, the sales staff have to be given proper sales training and need to be equipped with the right knowledge to handle situations on the field. However, [...]

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Is Microlearning and Nanolearning Same or Different ?

There is often a lot of confusion, disagreement and argument surrounding the topic whether “microlearning and nanolearning is same or different”. So I have analysed both of these learning styles and attempted to demystify these learning strategies. A Microlearning is a mode of e-learning delivery that involves microbursts of highly engaging and interactive information, delivered [...]

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5 Benefits of Microlearning – Employees and Organizations

Microlearning is a trend to watch out for in 2018. All organizations large or small is including microlearning as a part of their learning strategies due to the various benefits it offers. In this blog, I will share the benefits of microlearning for the employees and the organizations as well. Let’s first explore the benefits [...]

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7 Things Learners want from Microlearning

Microlearning as the name suggest is  the new way of presenting the learning content in short nuggets or short bursts i.e. duration of about three to ten minutes to meet specific focussed objectives or learning outcomes. As these bite-sized courses are easy to develop and apply in the workplace, they are becoming one of the [...]

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Microlearning To Promote Learning @ Workplace

When the learning is triggered by learner’s motivation it is called as informal learning and it provides control to the learners to choose the learning content based on their interest, preferences, and relevance. By using microlearning nuggets it can be used to supplement and add value to both online training or facilitated sessions for [...]

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Traditional Training vs Microlearning

Traditional Learning and Microlearning are different, each having its own pros and cons. Microlearning is a very effective way to deliver training and I would like to show you how Microlearning can overcome the drawbacks of Traditional training through E-learning to manage their training effectively. 1.Traditionally, content is mostly available in long form formats – [...]

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5 Rules Of Successful Microlearning

The term Microlearning is defined as simply providing learners with tiny bits of modules to accomplish a learning objective. These tiny bites can be in form of videos, pdf, email, infographics and so on. Now let’s have a look at what are the 5 rules for successful Microlearning: 1. Clear learning objective : Each Microlearning [...]

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Myths about Microlearning

Microlearning refers to knowledge nuggets that are made available to learners which are usually of short duration and accessible on multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It means that learners can access and apply the knowledge immediately in their job situation. Companies are increasingly exploring microlearning options to provide just-in-time learning for their employees. However, micro-learning [...]

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