7 Key Reasons to Invest in DEI eLearning

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) eLearning refers to self learning interactive modules or videos that focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at workplaces. Organizations often implement DEI eLearning as part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment, raising awareness about diversity-related issues amongst employees and [...]

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7 Popular Ways To Deliver Microlearning

Microlearning has taken the e-learning industry by storm with its myriad of benefits and advantages over other forms of learning strategies. What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a learning strategy that involves bite-sized learning nuggets that are designed to meet a specific learning outcome or achieve a learning objective. From the lengthy traditional e-learning modules, [...]

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Microlearning in 2019: Top 8 Reasons To Adopt In Workplace

What is microlearning? Microlearning is a learning strategy that delivers targeted, multimodal  and engaging content to the learners more like a ‘single concept content’, which has contextual relevance in their workflow and can be applied almost immediately in their roles at the workplace   What are the challenges in workplace learning? The strong buzz [...]

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Top 5 Microlearning Trends For 2019

Microlearning emerged as a popular trend in 2018 and as we step into 2019, microlearning continues to evolve as a better learning strategy. So what can one expect in 2019 about microlearning? Let’s explore the top microlearning trends for 2019. What is microlearning? A quick refresher For the benefit of my readers a quick refresher [...]

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6 Stunning Examples of Microlearning

Let’s take another fresh journey today into the world of small, micro and highly engaging microlearning by looking at a few stunning microlearning examples being used at workplaces. And while putting these microlearning examples, as always, I have briefly mentioned my opinion about them. Lets begin.... 1.Modern Sexual Harassment Training: Empowering Real Change Well, I [...]

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3 Examples Of How Microlearning Improves Compliance E-Learning?

World over L&D professionals and compliance professionals are putting their best minds to explore the learning strategies that can help them to make the compliance e-learning engaging for their learners. So does microlearning fit the bill for increasing learner’s engagement for compliance e-learning? To understand how microlearning can improve compliance e-learning scenario, let us [...]

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Microlearning in Blended Learning: 5 Ways To Use It

Today, microlearning has increasingly become an integral part of the organizational learning strategy as it can be effectively used for a variety of corporate training requirements and further can be used as an independent learning strategy or blended with other learning strategies. A blended learning approach combines the technology(computer based training) with traditional learning, [...]

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7 Reasons To Use Microlearning For Corporate Training

While the concept of chunking down the learning content exists from the past many years. it was only recently that the e-learning domain started to call it by the name -’microlearning ‘ What is microlearning and what is the buzz around it? Microlearning is the chunking down of lengthy learning topics into short micro [...]

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