Answers to FAQs about SCORM Cloud

All of us in the e-learning industry are aware of how SCORM, came into existence and revolutionized the e-learning standards. While SCORM was developed by ADL, Rustici Software is the one which made SCORM really popular by helping various organizations, universities and federal agencies comply with SCORM standards. As an effort in the same direction, [...]

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about LRS

From past few years, SCORM is the popular and most widely used and accepted e-learning standard. As the technology advances, SCORM is now being replaced by a new standard called as Tin Can API (AKA Experience API or xAPI). xAPI is the new specification for learning technology which captures the learners data both in [...]

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Checklist to Choose a Learning Analytics Tool

In my last blog, I have already mentioned about what are learning analytics and what are the possible benefits of learning analytics.   In this blog I will share the checklist on how to choose a right learning analytics tool for your organization : 1. Needs Analysis  This is the first step in choosing [...]

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SCORM, AICC and xAPI- What’s the Difference?

As e-learning started gaining popularity across the industries, it became very important to formulate certain e-learning standards as otherwise, every developer will follow his own styles and standards. E-Learning standards address the relationship between the coursewares and the Learning Management Systems (LMS). Here in this blog let’s understand about the main e-learning standards. What [...]

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Top Seven Learning Apps for Workplace Learning

In my previous blog, I have mentioned about the visible shift in corporate learning as more and more learners are preferring mobile devices over the desktop and laptop for learning purposes and more and more organizations are incorporating mobile learning as a part of their overall learning strategy. While 2017 is already behind us, [...]

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Which are the Best Text To Speech Tools for E-Learning?

Text-To-Speech (TTS) software is a fantastic way to add a narration track to your custom e-learning development. A Text-To-Speech software converts normal text into speech thus enabling the courses to become Section 508 compliant and create accessible e-learning modules to help differently-abled learners. TTS also helps in easy editing of the audio while the [...]

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Demystifying the Experience API (xAPI)

If you are associated with elearning, I am sure you must have heard about Experience API (xAPI), the latest e-learning standard to have created ripples in the industry. In my previous blog, I have mentioned what are elearning standards and what are their real benefits. So in this blog let me begin directly with, [...]

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