6 Effective Ways L&D Will Adopt Digital Transformation In 2019

The quest for digital innovation in L&D has taken a massive leap and is showing positive momentum since the last few years. The year 2018 witnessed developments in the way learning and training are conducted in workplaces and encouraged many organisations to explore new innovations in corporate learning and reinvent themselves to smoothly embrace [...]

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6 Factors Shaping the Future of Learning Technology

If you recall the training sessions conducted in 1990's, it was a classroom training wherein a meeting was held in a conference hall in a hotel and the trainer used to come with a print out material where he distributes it to the learners along with the notebook and pen. The trainer used to [...]

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What does the Shift to HTML5 mean for E-Learning Developers?

During the coffee break, I was catching up with my e-learning developer colleague who is an ace in rapid authoring tools and he was mentioning how the advent of rapid authoring tools has redefined the e-learning development. It was a welcome change for the developers from flash to using rapid authoring tools, most of [...]

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Getting started with SCORM Cloud-The “How to” Series

SCORM Cloud, a tool developed by Rustici software is quite popularly used by e-learning developers to test their files for LMS compatibility. In the part 1 of this post, I am sharing a step by step approach on how to upload a  file on SCORM Cloud. Step 1 : Create an absolutely free account [...]

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What is HTML5 and its role in e-learning?

In and around the beginning of 2000 and till about 2007, if you wanted to develop an e-learning course you required some programming skills as developing e-learning was akin to writing web pages. You had to write codes for HTML, Java Scripts and you had to rely on Flash to create the interactive objects. [...]

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