6 Benefits Of Using Simulations In E-Learning

Simulation in e-learning is perhaps the most sought-after solution for the workplace as well as academic e-learning and it is not without reason. Simulation combines the power of experiential and immersive learning with “a risk free learning environment” so that learner learns, practices, makes mistakes, again learns till the time the performance improves. There [...]

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6 Factors Shaping the Future of Learning Technology

If you recall the training sessions conducted in 1990's, it was a classroom training wherein a meeting was held in a conference hall in a hotel and the trainer used to come with a print out material where he distributes it to the learners along with the notebook and pen. The trainer used to [...]

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Is MOOC suitable for Corporate & Workplace Learning?

The technology around us is changing rapidly and even the L&D teams are challenged to keep up the pace with the latest trends in the market. They need to train their employees on the best practices, new skill sets but due to lack of resources they are unable to implement e-learning or just in time [...]

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Five E-Learning Myths Debunked

While we all agree that e-learning has been in  existence from the past many years, there are still many assumptions and confusions revolving around e-learning which has given rise to several myths. While I interact with the clients especially those who are initiating e-learning in their organizations or those who are relatively new to [...]

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Top 5 L&D Challenges in 2018

With technology changing everything at a lighting speed, L&D departments in the organizations need to match this speed to survive and succeed in the current fast-paced business environment.  The challenges for the L&D community are multifold ranging from adopting most impactful learning strategies that appeal to the changing tastes of the workforce, upskill themselves [...]

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What are Learning Analytics?

Having worked with the learning industry for over a decade, some of the most frequent questions,  I have come across are: “How do I measure the outcome of my training or e-learning initiatives?” “How do I demonstrate the ROI to my management?” Well most of us will agree that measurement and demonstration of ROI [...]

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Top 5 L&D Trends in 2018

LinkedIn’s Report on workplace learning just got unveiled towards the fag end of February 2018. As always the central theme of the report was how should the talent development professionals relook at their involvement in the providing a value-add to the business functions. Like LinkedIn,  several other experts in the learning and development industry [...]

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