5 Innovative On-boarding And Induction Examples

Induction or Employee on-boarding process plays a significant role in keeping the employees motivated and charged up for the new job role as well as the place. It has been observed by most of the organization that not more than 30% of the employees are engaged during the on-boarding process. Trainer’s expertise is crucial in [...]

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5 Tips on How Videos can Make E-Induction Effective?

Employee on-boarding is something which requires a lot of attention. Many of the HR managers have observed that roughly only about 30% of employees are engaged during the on-boarding process. This can be because of the complex content, lack of trainers expertise and too much of irrelevant content. The main purpose of on-boarding process [...]

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E Learning For Employee Onboarding: How Effective Is It?

E-Learning has shown a tremendous growth in the recent years and have delivered a positive result across. E- Learning is nothing but learning with “E”, it is the use of any electronic medium for making the learning more effective and interactive. To understand E-Learning one must understand the following 3 words: I.Asynchronous: Any content [...]

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Why eLearning for Induction Training?

Traditional approach of learning has created its own space in the induction training program. It is implemented by many organization across and have been delivering results in its own way, but with the revolution in digital world it has changed the perception of many in terms of how they approach their learning. It has [...]

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E-Induction: 8 Key Steps For An Organization

It was with great enthusiasm that Mr. Michael (name changed ) a very close friend of joined a reputed organisation in the manufacturing sector. But it seems that the things were not as smooth as he quit the job immediately within three months. But why? And I was curious too. He said that there [...]

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Significance of E-induction for organization

Over the years it has been observed that many of the organizations have failed to deliver a successful induction training program. This has created a huge impact on the employees attrition rate and largely affected the organization. This might be because of lack of trainers expertise, failing to understand the learners perception, or too [...]

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Why An Employee Induction Training Must Be Gamified?

As we know, employee induction training is a critical process when hiring new employees as it helps them to build the base, have a very positive first experience and get an objective view of the company. It also offers them an opportunity to meet other key employees of the company. While the traditional classroom [...]

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4 Top Benefits of E-Induction for an Employee

The best way to address the need of new starters is through a structured induction program. Sadly, many employers overlook this crucial orientation step – often at their peril. Many employers take a casual approach to induction, relying on employees to figure things out on the job, or by following the lead of other [...]

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