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7 Tips To Promote Game Based Learning At Workplace

Thrilled about implementing the game based learning approach. But confused on how to implement it? Unlike a normal classroom training initiative, I recommend that the organization must promote the game based learning in the organisation. If you are thinking about how to do it. Read the blog to know more.  While we explore the [...]

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7 Undeniable Benefits Of Gamification Of Corporate Training

There is no doubt that e-learning gamification can enhance engagement in learning. The mundane learning experience can be transformed into fun and engaging one by implementing elements of gamification into learning. So let's understand the meaning of gamification of corporate training. What is gamification of corporate training? Gamification in simple words is including the [...]

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14 Most Popular E-learning Game Templates

With e-learning games continuing to impress the learning and development fraternity there is an increasing demand for them in various corporate training requirements. What was once considered to be a costly development option has now become less expensive and less time to consume. Thanks to the latest rapid authoring tools and the easy availability of [...]

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7 Must Include Game Mechanics in E-learning Games

While the e-learning games continue to be a popular corporate training strategy in many organisations, not all e-learning games are successful.So what makes e-learning games successful? Is it? The game design, Or Is it? The storytelling…. Or the learner analysis of the game preference Or the game mechanics Well all of them in varying [...]

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E-learning Game Design:7 Mistakes To Avoid

The e-learning games have taken the learning industry by storm as they promise to keep the learner engagement and interactivity high while achieving the learning objectives. But developing an e-learning game and making sure it achieves the learning objective is not an easy task. There are several mistakes or pitfalls that  should be avoided [...]

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Game Based E-learning Vs Traditional E-learning

A decade ago, e-learning was never the same as it is seen and experienced today. Yesteryear’s elearning was more like the PPT, had the lengthy content squeezed to fit your computer screen and there was less use of multimedia graphics This initial phase of e-learning (popular in the era of 1990’s) is commonly referred [...]

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E-Learning Games: Getting The Design Right

When I heard the word Bartle’s Taxonomy from our design team for the first time, I was keen and curious to know what is it as the word sounded too scientific to me. While we all enjoy playing games, it was the first time that I peeked into the arena of e-learning game design [...]

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Game-Based Learning: 11 Tips To Get It Right

“Designing and developing Game-Based Learning is not an easy task, you need to get it right from the initial stages itself “.  One could read the seriousness of the statement right from his face as he continued giving the instructions to his team members. This had simply caught my attention as I sat for [...]

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