5 Advantages Of Using Serious Games In Workplace

In my previous blog, I have shared a few tips to create a serious game in corporate e-learning. In continuation of the post, I am sharing 5 advantages of using serious games in corporate e-learning. What are serious games? A serious game or applied game is a game designed for a primary purpose other [...]

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12 FAQs On E-learning Gamification

E-learning gamification is a 'buzzword' and continues to show an uptrend in the domain of e-learning. With the growing popularity of e-learning gamification and its increasing acceptance in the corporate world as one of the favorite learning strategies, it becomes very important to understand e-learning gamification in depth. Hence for the benefit of my readers, [...]

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Designing Gamified E-Learning: 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Gamified e-learning is very effective when implemented and applied properly. However, gamification of learning can also be disastrous for learners and developers, when certain fundamentals are not factored in. Before you start gamified e-learning design cum development ensure that you don’t make the following mistakes. 1. Not understanding the audience E-learning gamification can be [...]

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7 Popular Development Tools For E-learning Games

The idea of including e-learning games in e-learning is amazing and  exciting, but how do you do it. Thanks to the popular authoring tools available in the market that help to develop amazing e-learning games . So in this blog, let’s explore some of the best authoring tools to develop e-learning games 1.Articulate Storyline 3 [...]

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5 Awesome Examples of Gamification in Learning

Being a digital marketer with XLPRO, an e-learning gamification company opens up a world of opportunities to explore gamified e-learning designs, approaches, and best practices to create awesome e-learning gamification solutions. Hence in this blog, I have collated some of the popular examples of gamification in learning, which were implemented by various organizations to achieve [...]

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Importance Of Rewards In E-Learning Gamification

One cannot deny the growing importance of using gamification as a learning strategy in the corporate training environment as it can effectively blend with the requirement of the modern learners. But how is e-learning gamification able to make learning fun, engaging and interactive? It’s simply because the e-learning gamification includes the carefully chosen game [...]

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What is Gamification of Sales Training?

Do you find your sales team members seeking excuses to skip the sales training programs? Does the feedback reports after a classroom sales training program shows a negative or a downside trend? If these are some of the issues affecting the sales training of your organization, then don’t look elsewhere, as it is time [...]

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8 Quick Tips to Create Serious Games

The serious game is a concept which emerged in the 1970s and the term was coined by “Clark C Abt”. While we are close to completing five decades after the term serious game was coined, it's not surprising that serious games are gaining popularity across the industries But what is a serious game? A [...]

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