7 Tips To Promote Game Based Learning At Workplace

Thrilled about implementing the game based learning approach. But confused on how to implement it? Unlike a normal classroom training initiative, I recommend that the organization must promote the game based learning in the organisation. If you are thinking about how to do it. Read the blog to know more.  While we explore the [...]

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Game Based E-learning Vs Traditional E-learning

A decade ago, e-learning was never the same as it is seen and experienced today. Yesteryear’s elearning was more like the PPT, had the lengthy content squeezed to fit your computer screen and there was less use of multimedia graphics This initial phase of e-learning (popular in the era of 1990’s) is commonly referred [...]

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Game-Based Learning: 11 Tips To Get It Right

“Designing and developing Game-Based Learning is not an easy task, you need to get it right from the initial stages itself “.  One could read the seriousness of the statement right from his face as he continued giving the instructions to his team members. This had simply caught my attention as I sat for [...]

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What are Game Based Assessments in E-Learning?

So here is the game play of a new game based learning assessment which we recently designed for a cab hailing app! A new yellow cab, and the user play the role of a cool cab driver (well cab drivers have become really cool post introduction of app based taxi service like Uber). The [...]

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Game-Based Learning- A Worthy Training Investment

‘94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development (LinkedIn's 2018 Workplace Learning Report).  One of the sureshot ways to retain high performance employees is to invest in their career development and the easiest way to ensure this is to invest on their training. [...]

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4 Stunning Examples of Game Based Learning

Anyone familiar with e-learning is bound to know about game based learning as it is a popular buzz word. In simple terms, it is delivery of an online learning solution to the learners, which is built on a full fledged, interactive game. Unlike e-learning gamification, it is not about including game elements to non-game contexts, [...]

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Game based Learning for Compliance Training

We have seen that many learners find the content of courses on compliance training to be dull and boring. As a result, they are not motivated to take up the courses. To impart engaging compliance training, we need to transform “lifeless” compliance training material into interesting learning resources. How do we do this? One of [...]

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Benefits of Game based learning for Fire Safety Training.

Safety training programs should be always a matter of serious business to the business organisations. But in reality the situation is not the same.Some common reasons are the lack of interest for the workforce to attend such training programs as they feel lesser relevance to it .Sometimes the management lags behind attending to all [...]

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