What are Game Based Assessments in E-Learning?

So here is the game play of a new game based learning assessment which we recently designed for a cab hailing app! A new yellow cab, and the user play the role of a cool cab driver (well cab drivers have become really cool post introduction of app based taxi service like Uber). The [...]

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5 Tips To Use E-Learning Games For Employee Induction

You are the talent acquisition manager of your organization and after posting your company’s open positions on a job website, scouting through hundreds of applications and conducting multiple rounds of interviews, you’ve successfully hired a couple of new recruits. After all that hard work, you’re ready to welcome some really talented millennials into your organization. You want to get the best from your new employees [...]

E-Learning Gamification and Serious Games- Differences and Benefits

While gamification and serious games offer the same perceived benefits like they help to engage online learners, motivate them to succeed and inspire them to achieve their true potential. However, there are few differences between these two popular approaches. So now let’s see what are the  key differences between gamification versus serious games and [...]

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5 Quick Tips to Create Serious Games

Serious game is a concept which emerged in 1970s. A serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.This primary purpose mostly centers around training the players on a specific aspect of learning whether it is a knowledge or skill. Here in this blog I would like to share  [...]

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5 Tips To Use Games For Employee On Boarding

New employees before joining the organization goes through various challenges and excitement. For someone who is just stepping into the corporate world will get the mix feelings of anxiety and stress. To overcome such situation gamification can be considered as it has caught the attention of many and helps in capturing learner’s attention to give [...]

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30 Facts About E-Learning Games

While  eLearning modules are still valuable and solid, employees and learners in general start getting fed-up with it. Mostly because of its lack of interactivity and storytelling.  Nowadays, use of eLearning games in training is gaining popularity. It enables trainers to add interactivity and storytelling to the online training, and thus to fight against boredom. [...]

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5 Game Mechanics Used In E-learning

From the past couple of years, there is increased adoption of games, game-based learning and gamification as a part of the corporate learning strategy. Irrespective of the learner generations, games are enjoyed by learners or players of all ages. Thanks to the technological advancements and the proliferation of mobile devices, games are now mostly [...]

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