5 Advantages Of Using Serious Games In Workplace

In my previous blog, I have shared a few tips to create a serious game in corporate e-learning. In continuation of the post, I am sharing 5 advantages of using serious games in corporate e-learning. What are serious games? A serious game or applied game is a game designed for a primary purpose other [...]

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7 Popular Development Tools For E-learning Games

The idea of including e-learning games in e-learning is amazing and  exciting, but how do you do it. Thanks to the popular authoring tools available in the market that help to develop amazing e-learning games . So in this blog, let’s explore some of the best authoring tools to develop e-learning games 1.Articulate Storyline 3 [...]

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14 Most Popular E-learning Game Templates

With e-learning games continuing to impress the learning and development fraternity there is an increasing demand for them in various corporate training requirements. What was once considered to be a costly development option has now become less expensive and less time to consume. Thanks to the latest rapid authoring tools and the easy availability of [...]

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7 Must Include Game Mechanics in E-learning Games

While the e-learning games continue to be a popular corporate training strategy in many organisations, not all e-learning games are successful.So what makes e-learning games successful? Is it? The game design, Or Is it? The storytelling…. Or the learner analysis of the game preference Or the game mechanics Well all of them in varying [...]

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E-learning Game Design:7 Mistakes To Avoid

The e-learning games have taken the learning industry by storm as they promise to keep the learner engagement and interactivity high while achieving the learning objectives. But developing an e-learning game and making sure it achieves the learning objective is not an easy task. There are several mistakes or pitfalls that  should be avoided [...]

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E-Learning Games: Getting The Design Right

When I heard the word Bartle’s Taxonomy from our design team for the first time, I was keen and curious to know what is it as the word sounded too scientific to me. While we all enjoy playing games, it was the first time that I peeked into the arena of e-learning game design [...]

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3 Effective Ways To Use ELearning Games For Sales Training

E-learning games have busted the popularity charts of the organization’s L&D requirements as they can be effectively implemented for various corporate training requirements. One such popular area where e-learning games are widely used/ implemented is the …….. sales training. The sales team of every organization is usually the most active bunch of workforce who [...]

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5 Reasons To Use E-Learning Games

The introduction and evolution of e-learning games have always made me wonder how easily e-learning can be made fun by using popular game concepts like Mario, Temple Run, Angry Birds or any other favorite game of yours which you can think of. E-learning games provide a complete immersive learning experience, that makes the learners [...]

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