360-degrees Videos-Seven Creative Examples and what we Love about them

360-degrees videos create an immersive and unparalleled experience for the viewers by combining the real world scenes into a 360 degrees camera. Know more about what are 360-degrees videos, in another of my blogs. Facebook has launched a new feature, where users could go live with 360-degrees viewing experience allowing them to easily access [...]

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Are Interactive Videos the Next Big Thing in E-Learning ?

Did you know that 93 % of the audience feel interactive content is more informative while educating the buyer when compared with static content? And more than 51 % of the companies have started implementing interactive content strategy into overall digital marketing campaign for more than 3 years. Having disrupted the digital marketing and [...]

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How to Create 360-degrees Videos for E-Learning?

A 360-degrees video is an effective way to reach out to the audience and is used extensively by marketing agencies, production houses, content creators and publishers to create stories, experiences and places. Now a days it has made its way into the world of learning and can be extensively used in creating learning solutions that [...]

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What are 360 degrees Videos and How can they be used in E-Learning?

A gondola ride in Venice,  a tandem skydive from fifteen thousand feet or a recently watched horror movie are all experiences which we will love to talk and share with our friends, family and of course on social media.  So what if we get to relive these experiences, will it not be fantastic? 360-degrees [...]

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How to add Interactivity to your E-Learning Videos?

Interactive videos are an emerging format for delivery of e-learning and are undeniably the best way to engage your learners as they combine the power of captivating animation with engaging interactivity. A study by Celtra found  that 47% of viewers watch a video all the way through. But that’s still 53% of viewers dropping [...]

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How to use GoAnimate to Create Training Animation Videos ?

Animation videos add style to your e-learning course and makes the learning impactful. However, e-learning animation creation is time-consuming and expensive if the right, easy-to-use tools are not employed. In the market, there are plenty of tools which will help you to create affordable and easy animations. Of the popular tools available, we extensively use [...]

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Tips To Effectively Use Videos in E-Learning

There are billions of  active users on YouTube, and every minute hours of video content is uploaded to this platform. With the advent of mobile devices, people are spending more and more time in watching videos – for entertainment as well as for learning. Adding video to eLearning courses is a sure way of [...]

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