A 5 Step Guide To Create E-learning Animations

The world of animations has never failed to amaze us. The beautiful animations that are seen and experienced on your desktop, smartphones etc can definitely bring a smile on our face. In fact, animations are now not only being used for entertainment but have made significant headways into learning- the world of e-learning animations. [...]

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12 Popular Examples of E-learning Animation Styles

Animations in e-learning or e-learning animations have the power to capture the attention of learners and simplify the subject matter for better retention and recall of the learning topic. Hence there is no denial of the fact that e-learning animations are now widely used for various corporate training requirements. If you are still thinking why, [...]

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5 Benefits Of E-learning Animations In Pharma & Healthcare

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a complex domain which demands constant updating of knowledge and information be it a new compliance policy or the latest groundbreaking innovation of a new product/chemical/API, generics or formulations. Hence, there arises an immediate need to communicate these changes to the employees and ensure that they are trained [...]

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5 Benefits Of E-learning Animations For Sales Training

Why do you think animations are still one of the best corporate learning strategies? ‘The simple answer is that one can visualize the impossible, and breathe life into it through different ways to make it work’ and he continues….. It was once again our senior animator, who took the center stage during our regular [...]

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Animations In E-learning: 7 Ways They Are Effective

Over the years, animations have grown from a mere mode of entertainment to an effective and excellent tool for learning. Modern learners are demanding more engaging ways to learn and one cannot deny the importance of using animations in e-learning to make the learning experience an engaging one. Hence in this blog, let’s explore [...]

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Top 5 Benefits Of E-learning Animations In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is in the middle of a  severe talent drought as an estimated 186,000 new engineers will be needed each year until 2024. As explained in my previous blog, the talent drought is not about the labor shortage alone instead it is contributed towards the huge increasing skill gap and lack of [...]

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4 Stunning Styles To Create Effective E-learning Animations

Did you know that? 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes Almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing People learn better from words and pictures, rather than just words alone and motion graphics is able to grab the attention of the learner more quickly. Animations in e-learning are continuing [...]

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Seven Reasons why Learners are not Watching your E-Learning Videos

You have painstakingly created an e-learning video, using vfx effects, sound effects, an endearing character but your e-learning videos do not seem to have any takers. If you come across this situation then the first thing you need to accept is that there is something which has gone drastically wrong with your e-learning videos [...]

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