POSH Online Training-Create Awareness & Prevent Incidents

If you are wondering how POSH online training is effective in creating safe and equitable work places, continue reading! Despite the POSH Act being in place since 2013 and a 2024 amendment under consideration, many working women still prefer not to report workplace sexual harassment. This alarming statistics raises the question that needs immediate [...]

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Top 6 E-learning Trends for 2021

Has there been a more highly anticipated year than 2021?  We have all had our share of some really disgusting years but 2020 was none like others. It tried and tested us, shattered all our long standing notions of time and space and made us adopt rather live and breathe technology---- all thanks to [...]

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Top10 E-Learning Trends for 2020

The world of e-learning has been constantly changing year after year. In the past couple of years, there have been many new and popular learning methods such as interactive modules, gamification, game based learning etc. that have been introduced in order to help facilitate learning and make it more effective. Technology and innovation has [...]

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4 Ways to Create Engaging Training through Video Elements

The traditional e-learning is mostly characterized by the click-next style of learning where the e-learning course contains no or very less interactivity and engagement. But today with the growing developments in technology, e-learning has evolved to use modern training techniques to create learner engagement and interactivity. And one such learning strategy that has become the [...]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid when Transitioning from Classroom Training to eLearning

The latest workplace report published by LinkedIn states that companies are increasingly spending their budget for online learning than for the traditional instructor-based learningToday, with the unprecedented penetration of technology, it is predicted that 98% of all companies plan to use e-learning by 2020.Hence, in the blog I have included a curated list of ‘not [...]

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Gen Z-How to Attract, Retain, and Engage Tomorrow’s Workforce?

What If I say that your training initiatives will soon become obsolete possibly in less than 3 years? If you’re from the L&D or training departments of organizations,you are bound to get anxious by this statement.. But, the hard truth is-it is inevitable i.e. if you don't…….. apply or implement the learning strategies to [...]

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7 E-learning Trends to Include in Your Custom E-learning Solution

You are an L&D or a training professional and you want to create learner-centric bespoke e-learning solutions for your organization. So how do you ensure that your custom e-learning is matching with the current e-learning trends and you create a solution that meets the dynamic business environment? Well here is my blog which underscores [...]

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6 Effective Ways L&D Will Adopt Digital Transformation In 2019

The quest for digital innovation in L&D has taken a massive leap and is showing positive momentum since the last few years. The year 2018 witnessed developments in the way learning and training are conducted in workplaces and encouraged many organisations to explore new innovations in corporate learning and reinvent themselves to smoothly embrace [...]

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