4 Pointer Checklist For E-learning Custom Content Development

E-learning, as we all know, is the use of an electronic medium like a computer, mobile, tablets etc to deliver learning. Planning and implementing e-learning at organisations whether buying off the shelf e-learning or custom content development requires careful short-term planning as well as a long-term vision. A failure at the planning stage or [...]

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How to select an E-learning Vendor?

E-Learning outsourcing is an intensive process that requires considerable time and effort to be invested by both parties – you and the vendor.What you need is not just a vendor who will do what they are told, but a partner who can think with you through your requirements, adding value at every step. Today, [...]

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing E-Learning Content Development

Developing an E-learning module is never an easy task. It involves lots of research and analysis before they come to a conclusion. Today, outsourcing content development is a fairly well-established practice for several organizations. However, what works for one organization and helps them leverage on an offshore partner may not work for another. Let [...]

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What, Why and How of Outsourcing E-learning development

eLearning development is a long and systematic process that involves many people. Without a robust, streamlined process to handle this task, the development process is tough and errors can occur at various points. If an organization doesn't have the right team of qualified people, eLearning development can be a big task. Thus instead of undertaking [...]

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