How to make Online Learning more Popular among the Employees?

‘I really want to try out the idea of initiating the online learning experience in the organisation, but I feel that the management is not ready to implement elearning as they fear that the employees may not adapt easily to the new learning style of online learning. I presume that you might have encountered, [...]

What are the Various Learning Styles for Adult Learners?

It was a busy Monday morning, when I decided to board the metro to reach office, while onboard, I noticed a young kid who was constantly pestering his mom trying to know and understand the various letters and words written on the billboard and the hoardings at the  subsequent stations. Well this reminded me of my [...]

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How to Design an Awesome E-Learning Layout?

An e-learning layout is the structure and design framework that holds the content of the learning module. While there are various templates available these days for easy e-learning design, the designer should always choose an e-learning layout, which does justice to the content as well as confirms to the level of e-learning.  In my previous [...]

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E-Learning Design-Understanding Colors

While I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning, the memories from yesterday's art exhibition were still fresh in my mind. The different color shades and combinations used by the artists to bring an unusual and unique blend of colors to create a magic through the paintings is truly stunning. While in the gallery, [...]

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Before & After-Turning Boring E-Learning into Stunning Learning Experience

You have put together a lot of efforts to build an e-learning course with good content, sharp visuals and you launch off the course with a bang!  But does it guarantee that it will be a runaway success with your learners? Maybe  or may be not, so are you leaving your e-learning course success [...]

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7 Ways Your E-Learning Can Go Wrong

At workplaces whenever an e-learning course is launched there is not enough motivation for the learners to complete it as it is associated with boredom, information overload and unappealing presentation style. So what are the various factors which have led to the creation of this perception and in what all ways can your e-learning [...]

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