7 Effective Ways To Make E-Learning Section 508 Compliant

While you enjoy the learning experience from an amazing e-learning module by swiping across your screen and enjoying solving challenges, there are certain groups of learners who may not be able to do and enjoy all this. He/ she may not be able to see and experience the amazing animations or videos in the learning [...]

7 Elements Of E-Learning Graphic Design To Apply

‘First impression is the best impression’, this famous quote seems very apt in the world of graphic design. To create the best first impression in e-learning, the role and use of e-learning graphics is very important, It’s the creative and apt use of these e-learning graphics that brings the best experience to the learners. [...]

Summative Assessments In E-Learning

E-learning is never complete without a proper assessment of what is learned. In my previous blog, I had mentioned in brief about the elearning assessments and the various type of elearning assessments. To know more about the tips to design assessments please refer to our video on pre assessments in e-learning. As a continuation to [...]

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E-learning Standards-The Ultimate Guide

What are e-learning standards? E-learning standards are a system of common rules for content, authoring software and Learning Management Systems (LMS) that specify how courses can be created and delivered over multiple platforms so that they all operate seamlessly together. E-learning standards provide a logical framework for the learner. In this blog, let us explore [...]

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What Typefaces should be used for E-Learning?

‘Words have meaning. Type has spirit. The combination is spectacular.” I am sure as an e-learning designer you must have come across this statement by Paula Scher. This statement wonderfully sums up how e-learning can become meaningful through stunning use of typeface and words combination . Needless to say that while developing the elearning [...]

Benefits of Online Compliance Training

I presume that you might have heard about GDPR. From past several months, GDPR was continuously  making headlines in the internet and other medias. GDPR is a recent compliance policy which seeks to give people from the European Union  more control over how organisations uses their data. The policy was to take effect on [...]

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What are Branching Scenarios in E-Learning?

With an opening scene of an office set up, my focus was guided to notice the character on the screen who was the unit head. The narration and screen text said that he was doing something fishy and his activities were against the ethics and values policy of the organisation. As the scene stopped [...]

3 Things You Need To Know About HTML5 E-Learning

Being an e-learning developer you must be knowing that while publishing your output as HTML5, it will be interpreted by each browser differently. There are various web browsers in the market today some of the popular ones are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The major issue with HTML5 is that it [...]

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