Three Levels of E-Learning: Making the Right Choice

Over the last decade e-learning or online learning has grown by leaps and bounds and all of us have in some or the other way experienced e-learning. E-learning in its current avatar is more learner centric and uses AI and other technologies to constantly align with the learner’s requirements. However as instructional designers or [...]

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E-Learning Translation: 8 Key Tips For E-Learning Professionals

With businesses becoming more global, e-learning also needs to meet the global standards. One of the ways in which e-learning can turn global is through E-Learning Translation.  While translating your e-learning modules offers various benefits and advantages. It has its own share of challenges like time, cost and ensuring the quality of translation etc. [...]

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6 Tips To Use Interactivity In An E-Learning Course

There's no doubt that an engaging e-learning course can grab the learner’s attention and guarantee an immersive learning experience and finally achieve the learning objectives. Hence, today let’s see the six tips to use interactivity in an e-learning course. 1. An eye-catching introduction The first impression is the best impression, and hence it is recommended [...]

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3 Ways E-Learning Aids Employee Retention

Employee turnover is seriously a big issue faced by many organizations and it can have some serious side effects. Each time an employee voluntarily leaves a company, an expensive process must take place to replace that employee.  The organisation has to invest time, effort and money to find another suitable replacement and this can [...]

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9 Best Practices for E-Learning Course Navigation

As the North Star helps the sailors and acts as a navigation for them when they are lost, in the same way, good navigation elements help the learners to sail through the entire course during their learning journey. If the navigation is not properly placed, the learners will lose interest in the module and won't [...]

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13 E-Learning Mistakes That E-Learning Professionals Should Avoid

In this blog, let us see some of the popular mistakes that every e-learning professionals must avoid. Writing this blog can still bring goosebumps to me as these are some deadly common pitfalls or e-learning mistakes which an e-learning professional can fall into. Let’s see some of them here in this blog. 1. Forget [...]

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8 Tips to Write E-Learning Voice Over Scripts

In my previous blogs, we have talked in-depth about creating engagement through the various aspects of elearning like gamification, game based e-learning, visual design and instructional design. But there is a hidden element or component that stands as the support pillar to build the engagement in elearning modules as well as to hook the [...]

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4 Stunning Examples Of Branching Scenarios In E-Learning

For past some days, I was doing my groundwork on branching scenarios in e-learning and I was very keen to experience some of the best examples of branching scenarios. I found some really interesting share worth a look and read and hence I decided to share it with my fellow e-learning enthusiasts. If you are [...]