Free Image Editing Tools For E-Learning

Images play a powerful role in e-learning, as they enhance the visual appeal of the e-learning module as well as help establish the connect with the subject matter/content. However, sometimes you might need to edit or make some changes to the image by resizing, cropping, adding text and increasing opacity/transparency etc in order to [...]

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How to Design an Awesome E-Learning Layout?

An e-learning layout is the structure and design framework that holds the content of the learning module. While there are various templates available these days for easy e-learning design, the designer should always choose an e-learning layout, which does justice to the content as well as confirms to the level of e-learning.  In my previous [...]

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Designing Responsive E-Learning Layouts

A beautifully designed elearning course can enhance a user's learning experience. One of the critical aspects, which defines a good e-learning course from an average one is its layout. Layout refers to the arrangement of elements on a page, referring to the specific placement of image, text, buttons, navigation etc but is not limited [...]

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E-Learning Design-Understanding Colors

While I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning, the memories from yesterday's art exhibition were still fresh in my mind. The different color shades and combinations used by the artists to bring an unusual and unique blend of colors to create a magic through the paintings is truly stunning. While in the gallery, [...]

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E-Learning Design: 8 Tips while Designing for Millennials

A lot has been written and spoken about Millennials and how their behaviours and preferences are different. Marketing professionals and designers world wide are trying to woo this generation amidst the challenge of decreasing attention spans. Did you know that the attention span of humans has come down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds [...]

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E-Learning Icons : 12 Top Awesome Resources

We find icons everywhere in our daily life whether it is airports, retail markets or simple mobile interfaces you just name it. Icons help us to better understand and interpret information and I have already written my previous posts on types of icons and user of icons in e-learning. In this blog, I will [...]

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8 E-Learning Graphics Design Trends of 2018

Design trends come and go but they are an expression of what we consider as attractive and usable. The year 2017 showed us a wide variety of graphic design styles manly centered around minimalist and flat designs more suited for mobiles and mobile apps. But as we stand now in the year 2018, some [...]

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Top Four E-Learning Design Trends for Millennials

Hey what’s your opinion about millennials? I just put my headphone down and turned back from my seat in the cab to see,  if the question was directed at me but it was just a conversation between two of my co-passengers. While, I just threw a fleeting glance at the guy who had asked [...]

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