Tools to Choose Colour Schemes for E-learning

A judicious choice of color for the texts and backgrounds can increase the readability of the on-screen text and enhance the overall visual appearance of any elearning module. There are already many scientific studies which prove that colors can influence and improve the memory retention of the learners. In this blog, I would like to share some popular tools to help you [...]

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Animations In E-learning: 8 Time Tested Practices

People of all ages love watching animations---- from cartoons to movies, animations are now being extensively used in various industries. In the learning domain too, animations are gaining popularity and are able to bring a higher engagement and make the learner experience the content.  Further with emerging trends like m-learning, micro learning and interactive [...]

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7 Elements Of E-Learning Graphic Design To Apply

‘First impression is the best impression’, this famous quote seems very apt in the world of graphic design. To create the best first impression in e-learning, the role and use of e-learning graphics is very important, It’s the creative and apt use of these e-learning graphics that brings the best experience to the learners. [...]

What Typefaces should be used for E-Learning?

‘Words have meaning. Type has spirit. The combination is spectacular.” I am sure as an e-learning designer you must have come across this statement by Paula Scher. This statement wonderfully sums up how e-learning can become meaningful through stunning use of typeface and words combination . Needless to say that while developing the elearning [...]

Stock Photos in E-Learning:10 Dos and Don’ts To Use Them

Images play a vital role while developing your e-learning project. According to Brain Vision (1), it was reported that people who hear information they are likely to remember only 10 %, however, if a relevant image is paired with the same information the retention rate jumped by 65%, by reading this amazing fact we [...]

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4 Tips To Use Infographics In Microlearning

Microlearning is a powerful medium of delivering bite size content to the learners on demand, just in time, on the go etc. Microlearning can be in various forms/formats like: Videos Animations Games Infographics Infographics in microlearning can be a very interesting combination as they are a way to represent large bites of information in [...]

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Color Palette For E-Learning: Ways To Choose It

In my previous blog, I have given an overview about the fundamentals of colors. Hence in this blog, I am writing about what are the ways to choose a color palette for elearning . So what is a color palette? A color palette, in the digital world, refers to the full range of colors that [...]

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