Localization of an E-learning Course: Voice-over vs Subtitles!

To localize the audio component of any e-learning course there are several considerations. Should you choose voiceover recording or subtitling or both? While localizing, the voice over can engage the learners and subtitles or Closed Captioning (CC) localization can ensure better retention and recall as written text creates better cognitive inputs. Eventually, they compliment [...]

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Steps for effective E-learning Program Translation

With the revolution in digital learning, many of the organization are localizing their E-learning courses to enhance the effectiveness and reaching out to whole new global audiences. Translating or localizing, however, is a very special service that requires specific SME and high technical skills from all of the parties involved. In this article, we [...]

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E-Learning Localization Benefits and Tips

Localization is used to describe the process by which you translate any content into the language of your target audience. If you want to localize your eLearning courses and offer a true valuable eLearning experience to your learners, then you have to take into serious consideration the different cultural “norms” and to devote time [...]

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