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Importance of Storyboard for an E-Learning Course Development

Just like a solid foundation is a must for every structure, similarly, the key to every successful e-learning course is its storyboard. E-learning storyboards make the e-learning design and development process much more simple and efficient, as they not only help the visual design team to illustrate their ideas but also help them and [...]

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Importance of Subject Matter Expert in E-learning

SME - Subject Matter Expert is really a fancy word of describing someone who is expert in his particular field and who has high expertise and skill in a specific topic. SME can be anywhere it can be in HR team, Engineering, R & D, Product, Sales or even Finance department. Every business unit [...]

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5 Tips for writing a Storyboard for E-Learning

Storyboard acts as a map that guides E-learning professionals to navigate the E-learning course design. Storyboards help design and development process much more efficient. It is also a handy way to outline every aspect of your E-learning course. In this blog I will share the 5 tips for writing a storyboard for an E-learning [...]

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Top 10 Instructional Designer Skills

Nowa days, Instructional Designer do more than create elearning modules. Apart from developing and sometime delivering the content, they also need to think about the content from the learner’s perspective. Instructional designers usually come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds.They play many roles, including performance analyst, project manager, researcher, instructor, writer, evaluator and much more.It [...]

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Instructional Design elements to include in every eLearning Course

Developing an E-learning module has never been easy. No matter even if you have all the latest E-learning authoring tools the probability of something going wrong is always there. Thus, it’s only natural that eLearning professionals might forget one or two things along the way. Even after all the hurdles the developers primary objective [...]

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5 Common Instructional Design Pitfalls in E-learning Storyboards

Storyboard is one of the most important part in the  eLearning development stage as it gives you all the required information and guidance to come out with the best online module. It consists of Text, audio, videos, graphics, images and inter-activities. While developing the online course or a module mistakes are something that does [...]

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Instructional Design Basics – What, Why, How

E-learning over the years have revolutionized the approach on learning and how one can make it easier and interesting at the same time. For someone who is new to E-learning there are a lot of things to be learned starting from the basics. This might be exciting with the amount of information available online [...]

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5 popular Instructional Design Models For an E-learning Course

Every Manager or content creator of an E-learning project should value the process of planning as it decides the fate of a project. E-learning courses takes a lot of time and effort to develop and lack of proper planning may lead to disaster as the module might not be as effective as it is meant [...]

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