What are Branching Scenarios in E-Learning?

With an opening scene of an office set up, my focus was guided to notice the character on the screen who was the unit head. The narration and screen text said that he was doing something fishy and his activities were against the ethics and values policy of the organisation. As the scene stopped [...]

How to Implement ADDIE Model in E-learning?

I am sure you must have read my previous blog,on Instructional design and five different types of Instructional Design Models . The ADDIE model was created at Florida State University way back in the 1970’s as an instructional resource or guideline. Since then ADDIE model till the present year of 2018, it is still the [...]

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E-Learning Assessments-Understanding the Popular Types

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. This famous quote by Management Guru Peter Drucker cannot be more relevant in the context of learning and particularly e-learning. The very objective of learning is to improve the performance outcomes, through consistent practice which leads to behavioural level changes and hence improved outcomes. Learning [...]

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Nine Tips to Help you Create an Effective E-learning Storyboard

The heart of every e-learning course is it’s design which is defined in the storyboard. Storyboard is a document which defines not only the learning pedagogy and objectives but also includes design  and visual guidelines for the development of e learning courses and makes the overall design and development process more efficient. Hence it [...]

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5 Types Of Instructional Design Models

In a recent conversation with a client, I was asked a question as, whether the instructional design is a Science or an Art?Frankly, it was not an easy question to answer, and it made me to explore further on the topic of Instructional Design.I could find that Instructional design is considered both as a Science [...]

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E-Learning Storyboard-9 Best Practices

E-Learning storyboard is a document that describes every single element of your e-learning course, be it visuals, text, audio, navigation, course flow and interactive elements. eLearning storyboard creates a clear plan for project management and shows how different elements of an e-learning course relate and fit together. In this blog, I will share the best [...]

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E-learning mistakes that every Instructional Designer must avoid

There are so many things to consider when you are developing an e-learning course. Whether you are an experienced e-learning professional or a beginner, there’s always a room to make mistakes. Thus, to create the best effective elearning courses, here are few mistakes you must avoid making. 1)Not understanding the learning goals Before starting [...]

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Importance of Storyboard for an E-Learning Course Development

Just like a solid foundation is a must for every structure, similarly, the key to every successful e-learning course is its storyboard. E-learning storyboards make the e-learning design and development process much more simple and efficient, as they not only help the visual design team to illustrate their ideas but also help them and [...]

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