POSH Online Training-Create Awareness & Prevent Incidents

Despite the POSH Act being in place since 2013 and a 2024 amendment under consideration, many working women still prefer not to report workplace sexual harassment. This alarming statistics raises the question that needs immediate attention -'Why don't victims report it'? While there could be several reasons both social and personal for victims not [...]

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6 Tips To Use Interactivity In An E-Learning Course

There's no doubt that an engaging e-learning course can grab the learner’s attention and guarantee an immersive learning experience and finally achieve the learning objectives. Hence, today let’s see the six tips to use interactivity in an e-learning course. 1. An eye-catching introduction The first impression is the best impression, and hence it is recommended [...]

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9 Top Instructional Design Challenges in E-learning

Instructional design is the process by which learning products and experiences are designed, developed, and delivered. These learning products include online courses, instructional manuals, video tutorials, learning simulations, etc.(source) In the simplest terms, an instructional designer is an architect who builds e-learning courses to match the learning objectives.  But one should understand that instructional designing [...]

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Branching Scenarios-Tips For E-Learning Professionals

As discussed in my previous blog, branching scenarios are a powerful ingredient, which the instructional designers use to build interactivity and engagement in the module. A branching scenario places the learners in a situation, where they are presented with a challenge and they are required to make the choice of what to do in order [...]

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4 Stunning Examples Of Branching Scenarios In E-Learning

For past some days, I was doing my groundwork on branching scenarios in e-learning and I was very keen to experience some of the best examples of branching scenarios. I found some really interesting share worth a look and read and hence I decided to share it with my fellow e-learning enthusiasts. If you are [...]

Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Model in E-Learning-A Quick Overview

It was in 1965, Robert Gagné published ‘The Conditions of Learning’, which identified the mental conditions for learning. His work popularly called as Gagne’s assumptions, lists down nine events of instructions in his model. eLearning designers can leverage Gagne’s Nine Events Of Instruction model to produce highly engaging and effective elearning modules. In this [...]

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