E-Learning Authoring Tools : List of Low Cost High Impact

An authoring tool is an e-learning course creation tool which allows you to create and package engaging pieces of e-learning and deliver it  to the learners. Authoring tools can be broadly classified into desktop based and cloud based authoring tools. There are about 80 course authoring tools  (source: https://www.capterra.com/course-authoring-software/) available in the market.  With [...]

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List of Cloud-based Authoring Tools

The present-day market of eLearning authoring tools offers you a lot of options to choose from. With such plenty of choices, it becomes difficult for any eLearning company or an eLearning developer to choose the best eLearning authoring tool. Elearning authoring tools are categorized basically into: Desktop-based authoring tools Online or Cloud-based elearning authoring [...]

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Key Features of iSpring Rapid Authoring Tool

With numerous e-learning authoring tools available in the market already, there is now the problem of plenty. Hence I decided to go a little deeper to explore some of the power point based authoring tools and the first in my list was the  iSpring Suite.With the latest version of 8.7 available for download, let’s [...]

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Adobe Captivate 2017- Key Features

Adobe Captivate 2017 is an authoring tool that is used for creating e-learning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomized quizzes in Small Web Formats (.swf) and HTML5 formats. It got released in April 2017. It has several enhancement and additions that have really enhanced the ability to create high-quality [...]

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Tips to choose the best eLearning authoring tool

There’s a huge array of authoring tools out there and, when it comes to finding the right one for you, it can be hard to know where to start. If you choose the wrong one, it won’t live up to the promise of delivering rapid e-learning. In this blog, I am sharing few tips [...]

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Key Features and Benefits of Articulate Storyline 3

Articulate Storyline as you may be aware is the  e-learning industry's favorite software for creating interactive courses. It's simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. It lets you create virtually any interaction you can imagine, in minutes.Articulate Storyline3 has many great new features and benefits that will help you get more done and reach [...]

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Commonly used tools for E-learning-Part 2

In my recent article, I had mentioned about  some important eLearning tools that eLearning professionals use to deliver excellent eLearning courses.. This article continues with additional eLearning  tools that you may find useful or valuable. Lectora Inspire Lectora is a Windows desktop authoring tool. It’s been around a long time, but recently a cloud-based HTML5 version of [...]

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Commonly used tools for E-learning-Part 1

Elearning has come across a long way. The way elearning module has evolved and developed to the present form is amazing.Technologies are influencing and changing the way elearning is developed and delivered and as a result the market sees newer tools very frequently.  The way the eLearning Professionals design, create and deliver eLearning courses is [...]

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