Content Gamification Vs Structured Gamification In E-Learning

There is no doubt that e-learning gamification is one the most favorite corporate learning strategies for various corporate training requirements. Gamification of learning is a broad term that can be further divided into two types-structural gamification and content gamification. Both structural gamification and content gamification give a game like experience but their design methodologies differ. [...]

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Top 5 Microlearning Trends For 2019

Microlearning emerged as a popular trend in 2018 and as we step into 2019, microlearning continues to evolve as a better learning strategy. So what can one expect in 2019 about microlearning? Let’s explore the top microlearning trends for 2019. What is microlearning? A quick refresher For the benefit of my readers a quick refresher [...]

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HTML5 Based Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning: 5 Reasons To Choose Them

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is purely the codes that are used by developers to develop the web pages. The first version of HTML was created in 1993. From HTML 1.0 to HTML5, there are a lot of changes and updations that helped in evolving to improved versions and the final version of HTML5 [...]

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11 Top Features Of Adobe Captivate 2019

In case you missed the biggest launch of 2019, here it is for you................ Adobe has released the much-awaited version of their authoring tool i.e Adobe Captivate 2019. So what's new? With the 2019 release, Adobe Captivate turns smart! We live in a world of smart devices like smartphone, smartwatch and even smart assistants [...]

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What does the Shift to HTML5 mean for E-Learning Developers?

During the coffee break, I was catching up with my e-learning developer colleague who is an ace in rapid authoring tools and he was mentioning how the advent of rapid authoring tools has redefined the e-learning development. It was a welcome change for the developers from flash to using rapid authoring tools, most of [...]

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How to Get Started with Gomo Learning?

Gomo learning suite is the part of Learning Technologies group. It offers two products, they are : i) Gomo Authoring Gomo Authoring is a cloud-based collaborative authoring tool which lets you create, responsive, adaptive and multi-device e-learning courses. It is one of the cloud-based authoring tools to offer the capability to work on both [...]

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How to get started with Articulate Rise?

Articulate Rise is one of the newest tools in the Articulate suite. It’s a subscription and web-based authoring tool that allows users to easily create self-guided e-learning responsive modules. It is the first fully responsive authoring tool from Articulate's stable and helps to create responsive e-learning courses that look great and function on any [...]

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Answers to FAQs about Authoring Tools

If you are an e-learning developer, certainly you would’ve come across the term called as "authoring tools" and I am pretty sure you must be using some or the other authoring tool to create the courses and modules for your e-learning project. In this blog, I will address the FAQs about authoring tools. What [...]

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