Rapid authoring tools over the years has increased rapidly across the globe. It has helped many organizations in successfully delivering numerous E-learning projects in a quick time. The projects that used to take several months to complete now merely takes a few weeks or days. Apart from all these benefits, it has proved its worth by turning out to be more effective as compared to the traditional classroom coaching or training. Rapid authoring tools helps in making the module more effective and delivering the best learning experiences. These are software programs that helps to embed different multimedia elements such as graphics, animations and illustrations with training courses. This tool helps in distributing the learning into parts and facilitating effective delivery into digital learning.

Now let us look at few Benefits of using Rapid authoring tools for your organization:

Helps in developing E-learning module in a quick time: With the help of rapid authoring tools, organizations across are benefited with its use as it reduces a huge amount of time taken while developing any E-learning module. Rapid authoring tool features templates, themes, and interactions that can be integrated into the E-learning module design. Time spent on gathering media or getting involved in creating a layout for your branching scenarios can be avoided and the same can be utilized in making the module more effective and engaging.

Provides easy access to all: One of the biggest advantages of using the rapid authoring tools is that it makes it easier to get easy access to all the online courses. Irrespective of whether the authoring tools are installed on a desktop or via the web, all these are accessible by anyone at the time of need to develop an engaging learning content. These tools are mainly used for designing effective E-learning module for the learners.

Helps in enhancing the performance: For a better learning experience, boosting and keeping a track of learners performances plays a crucial role. E-learning turns out to be the best provided they allow the learners in pursuing the module at their convenience by ensuring that they get all the flexibility required. With the help of such tools keeping a track of learners progress in the module becomes easier.

Increases learners engagement and participation: With the kind of flexibility it offers it ensures that employees are motivated throughout the learning process. E-learning provides access to the modules at all time to the learners that helps the learners in attaining their learning goals and also E-learning has always proved to be more effective than the traditional approach of learning. Thus, learners are more likely to engage with the E-learning content and actively participate so that they receive the full benefit.

Accessible using different platforms: With the revolution taking place in learning needs, we have seen changes in use of platforms to access the E-learning modules. Most of the learners prefer hassle-free learning experience by getting an easy access to the module at any point of time irrespective of their location. HTML5-based courses are accessible on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Also, the best part of using the authoring tool is it can be updated easily as per the latest demand or learning trends.

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