Moodle is an open source Learning Management System under the General Open License and is one of the most widely used and accepted LMS in the academia and the corporate world alike. What makes it really interesting is that it can be used both for teaching as well as learning. Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle.

Moodle Mobile app helps the user to keep up to date with all the latest happenings with the course and as well on the Moodle website. It is maintained by Every time you open the Moodle Mobile app it will automatically sync with the Moodle website and give you the latest updates in the app. However, in order to access the Moodle Mobile app, you need to integrate your Moodle website to your Mobile app.

There are a lot of benefits of using Moodle Mobile app. Let’s see what are those on this blog :

1. Access Content anytime, anywhere

Moodle Mobile app allows you to access the content wherever and whenever you want. In order for the content to be accessed offline, you can download the content to your mobile device whenever you have an internet connection and once the course has been downloaded, you can view the course in both online and offline modes as well.

2. Integration with other tools

By using Moodle Mobile 3.3 version app, you can easily integrate with
• Facebook
• G Suite
• Microsoft office and many other tools which help to access all the learning tools that the user need at one place.

3. Push Notifications

The app will sync with the Moodle Calendar and it will send push notifications automatically to the user regarding the events in Moodle Calendar. It will send the notifications of messages, forum posts, assignments etc. there is an option of turning off the notifications in the Main menu.

4. Upload Various Documents

By using Moodle Mobile App the learner can upload various documents such as images, audio, video, documents and other files directly to the Moodle which helps the user to store various documents in one place. You are allowed to upload up to 50MB Storage (Depending on your SD Card).

5. Easy to use interface

As Moodle Mobile App has features like drag and drop, clear options and responsive interface makes the app easy to use.

6. It’s Totally Free

You can use Moodle Mobile app for free without paying any charges/ license fee as it is an Open Source Software, anyone can use Moodle Mobile App and use it for both commercial and non-commercial projects as well.

7. Continuous Support

As Moodle Mobile App is maintained by, it is continuously improved and updated to suit the current and evolving users needs.

8. Multi-language support

Moodle App supports multiple languages such as
• Spanish
• German
• French
• English etc.

9. View Courses at Glance

By using Moodle Mobile app you can view everything regarding your courses, learners, scores and notes in one app. By using filter option it helps you to filter the courses according to your preference.

10. Resolution Support

Whenever you are playing the module if you feel that you are not able to view the contents properly, in Moodle Mobile app you can always switch to Landscape mode in order to view content properly on the screen. As Moodle Mobile supports both the Portrait & Landscape mode you can tilt the device and view the course as per your preference.

11. Activity Completion

By using “Activity Completion” feature it helps you to track the progress of the learners from your mobile device. You view the assignment submissions on the move.

12. Collaborative Messaging

In Moodle Mobile App, You can send and view private messages with your other learners from Messages link. You can chat and engage with other users by using Chat Activity option.

13. Assessments

In Moodle Mobile App you can take multiple assessments such as Survey, Quizzes, MCQ’s both in online and offline modes. Whenever the user comes online it will sync with the Moodle site and update the user’s data.

14. Paypal Integration

You can accept payments from the learners by using PayPal payment feature and it is supported by Moodle App.

15. Multi-User and Multi-Site Support

By using Moodle Mobile app the learner can log in to different Moodle sites with their credentials within the same Moodle Mobile App. The learner can also switch between a variety of courses within the same mobile app.

These are the various benefits of Moodle Mobile app. With the growing user community and forums, Moodle Mobile is definitely going to be the way forward.