Most of us have heard that the business is moving towards “customer-centric” approach where the priority is customer satisfaction and without the customer, there is no business. Providing right product knowledge at right time,helps the sales force  of any organization seal the deal. Thus,organizations needs to upgrade the effectiveness of their sales force through a proper product training.

As we know the technological landscape is growing and evolving rapidly, and the trend is moving further and further into the realm of mobility, a good eLearning strategy should include mobile learning.

 Let us  see how the mobile learning platform is beneficial for any Product Training :

  • Just-in-time

The learner can quickly open the apps whenever he requires information and can learn on the go and learn at his convenient time.

  • Videos

With the help of videos, the organization can quickly explain the updates of the new product which helps the learner to have better retention and recall.

  • Quizzes and feedback

With the help of quizzes and feedback, we can come to know whether the learner has gathered all the information about the product or is there any other areas where he needs to be re-trained again.

  • Multi-language support

By using translation we can make the mobile learning in multiple languages so that the learner will have a better understanding.

  • Demonstration

With the help of apps, the learner can create a virtual scenario without handling an actual unit and can support customers and demonstrate the product details easily.

  • Risk-free

The learners will get the opportunity to learn about the product and practice common procedures in a risk-free environment.

  • FAQ

Here the developer/product manager can also include the Frequently Asked Questions in an innovative way so that it will reach the learner’s mind and they are able to interpret it in their real life scenario.

  • Reduces training time and cost

With the help of mobile learning apps, one can easily cut down the costs of training and even save the time. Also, it is very easy to update the contents.

 Mobile learning is thus an effective approach for any kind of product training to achieve the training goals with quality and efficiency.