Safety training programs should be always a matter of serious business to the business organisations. But in reality the situation is not the same.Some common reasons are the lack of interest for the workforce to attend such training programs as they feel lesser relevance to it .Sometimes the management lags behind attending to all the safety measures as they postpones the safety measures and in educating their employees.

Fire and safety is one very critical safety training topic which requires important attention irrespective of the industry or organization.
In recent years game-based learning has evolved as a learning technique or a strategy that provides learners with an experience of the relevant aspect of games in a complete learning perspective or environment.

Here in this blog let’s see how game-based learning benefits fire safety training.

1.Use of Scenario in games based learning.

A fire safety scenario and a game based module can create a real-life scenario or an environment. For example, by creating a factory work environment, the employees are able to relate it more easily and associate it with the learning matter.The game can start with a narration of how fire can easily break out in an organization following it up by giving the learners to choose from different options which can be on instructions to ensure a safe working environment.

2.Game-based learning can transform learning into a fun and enjoyable experience.

As discussed earlier the biggest challenge of safety training program is the lesser interest among the learners to attend the same. Many case studies show that game based learning can change this effect and bring more engagement to the learners.People love playing games and this experience brings the fun element in learning. Hence if game-based learning is adapted to fire and safety module, the learners would have more interest in completing the course as it no longer becomes a forced training and instead they can learn to enjoy the game experience.

3.Retention is high among the learner.

In game-based learning, the retention of the topic becomes higher. It’s scientifically proven that learners would recollect and retain more information when he or she enjoys learning than compared to continuous hours of classroom training where the learners can feel that it becomes forced on them.

4.Safe learning environment

Fire and safety is a topic which requires utmost importance in an organization.In a game based learning environment, it helps the learner to make mistakes and learn from it. As it’s a controlled and simulated learning environment the learners enjoy the liberty to make mistakes. Learning from mistakes makes them better learners.