You have put together a lot of efforts to build an e-learning course with good content, sharp visuals and you launch off the course with a bang!  But does it guarantee that it will be a runaway success with your learners?

Maybe  or may be not, so are you leaving your e-learning course success to chance! Think again. Let me give you some quick tips to ensure that your learners go gaga about your  e-learning and you get those brownies from your boss.

Before rolling out an e-learning module, do consider these factors :

  • Understand learner’s preferences

Here you have to focus on how to create a good learning experience for the learners based on what they like. Conduct multiple surveys and collect feedback from the learners to know what they expect so that you can  create an e-learning experience , which matches their learning expectations.

  • Content

As we all know how content plays a vital role in user engagement. Now let’s see in what all ways you can use the content to create a better learning experience:

Real Life Examples

Who doesn’t like to get inspired from real-life examples? Including real life like scenarios in your e-learning content can help your learners better relate to the content and thus better appreciate the e-learning.

Interactive Content

Who likes if the e-learning is one way without any option for engagement? In order to create a stunning learning experience you have to make the content interactive so that it helps in better engagement and better retention and recall.

Bite Sized Content

Break down the content into bite size modules focusing on a specific learning objective. This ensures your learners are learning one bit at a time without getting overloaded with content.


Intersperse your e-learning course with some elements of storytelling to make the learner better relate to the content.

  • Know what devices learners use

By knowing what all the devices the learners will use it will help us to develop the module as per their preferences. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone or a  laptop by building responsive design you can give a seamless experience to your learners..

  • Know if your LMS supports engagement like gamification

And you thought playing online games is  limited only to children? Certainly not, even adults love to play games and by gamifying an e-learning module you can create high levels of interactivity and healthy competition among the learners, which helps in better absorption of the content. Game mechanics like leaderboards promote an element of competition and the urge to learn better and score more.

So these were some quick tips which you can apply before your e-learning module is designed and launched. But this is just one half of the picture, the other half is, how do your create an excitement among your learners while launching the e-learning course and how do you ensure the excitement levels sustain throughout the learning journey. Here are some quick tips:

Sneak peek of  the e-learning module

By creating a small preview video or an infographics or a poster of the module, you can induce curiosity in the learners about the e-learning course and thus getting their attention to log in and attempt the module.


You can encourage the learners with perks like gift vouchers, extended break time, certificates and other perks inside the office to promote e-learning.

Promote it on social media pages of your company or your learning portal

Promote the e-learning course on social media pages.  Encourage your learners to reshare and retweet it as the more the sharing happens the more likely the course will get attention. You can also encourage users  who have completed the course to share their learning experience on the social media platform thus encouraging other learners to take up the course.


Sending email reminders with curiosity and urgency driven subject lines can be a good strategy to encourage your learners to attempt the course.


Organize online competitions like “ fastest 100“  to motivate your learners to be amongst the top 100 who have completed the course. This promotes both a healthy competition as well as team spirit within the organization.

Supplement with other resources

If the learner want to have more information about a particular topic or a course, you can always provide supplemental resources such as :

– Links to other blogs

– Online Videos

– Whitepapers and Case studies

You can put these resources together in one place and allow access to the learners if they want to have more information.

Turning a boring e-learning into a stunning experience is both a science as well as an art. It requires logical steps to be followed while designing an e-learning module and an emotional connect to be built with your learners while launching and promoting the e-learning module.  So which of these tips are you using in your organization? Feel free to share your views/comments.