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Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy in E-Learning

Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives or Bloom’s Taxonomy as it popularly called is the model named after Benjamin Bloom and is one of the key frameworks for classifying thinking behaviours, which are believed to be important in the process of learning. While it was aimed at the educators, but now it has grown to be [...]

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E-Learning Storyboard-9 Best Practices

E-Learning storyboard is a document that describes every single element of your e-learning course, be it visuals, text, audio, navigation, course flow and interactive elements. eLearning storyboard creates a clear plan for project management and shows how different elements of an e-learning course relate and fit together. In this blog, I will share the best [...]

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What are the benefits of custom e-learning development?

A custom e-learning course offers a wide range of advantages that could be well worth the investment. Needless to say, its biggest advantage is the ability to design the course as per the organization’s learning goals. While off the shelf e-learning courses are often less costly and more convenient, but the custom e-learning solutions [...]

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E-learning mistakes that every Instructional Designer must avoid

There are so many things to consider when you are developing an e-learning course. Whether you are an experienced e-learning professional or a beginner, there’s always a room to make mistakes. Thus, to create the best effective elearning courses, here are few mistakes you must avoid making. 1)Not understanding the learning goals Before starting [...]

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Localization of an E-learning Course: Voice-over vs Subtitles!

To localize the audio component of any e-learning course there are several considerations. Should you choose voiceover recording or subtitling or both? While localizing, the voice over can engage the learners and subtitles or Closed Captioning (CC) localization can ensure better retention and recall as written text creates better cognitive inputs. Eventually, they compliment [...]

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Importance of Storyboard for an E-Learning Course Development

Just like a solid foundation is a must for every structure, similarly, the key to every successful e-learning course is its storyboard. E-learning storyboards make the e-learning design and development process much more simple and efficient, as they not only help the visual design team to illustrate their ideas but also help them and [...]

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing E-Learning Content Development

Developing an E-learning module is never an easy task. It involves lots of research and analysis before they come to a conclusion. Today, outsourcing content development is a fairly well-established practice for several organizations. However, what works for one organization and helps them leverage on an offshore partner may not work for another. Let [...]

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