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POSH Online Training-Create Awareness Prevent Incidents

Despite the strong law against sexual harassment in the workplace, 70% of working women do not report workplace sexual harassment. This alarming statistics raises the question that needs immediate attention -'Why don't victims report it'? While there could be several reasons both social and personal for victims not to report harassments, one of the [...]

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Top 4 E-Learning Gamification Trends in 2020

Gamification of learning has been a successful trend in the digital learning space since last few years. It has set the standard for interactivity and engagement in learning by use of thought-through game mechanics and powerful yet simple game designs, which connect instantly with the learners and more so in the content gamification space. [...]

By |2021-01-02T21:48:17+05:30January 27th, 2020|Elearning Gamification|

Three Levels of E-Learning: Making the Right Choice

Over the last decade e-learning or online learning has grown by leaps and bounds and all of us have in some or the other way experienced e-learning. E-learning in its current avatar is more learner centric and uses AI and other technologies to constantly align with the learner’s requirements. However as instructional designers or [...]

By |2020-05-06T21:21:43+05:30January 14th, 2020|E-Learning Fundamentals|

4 Ways to Create Engaging Training through Video Elements

The traditional e-learning is mostly characterized by the click-next style of learning where the e-learning course contains no or very less interactivity and engagement. But today with the growing developments in technology, e-learning has evolved to use modern training techniques to create learner engagement and interactivity. And one such learning strategy that has become the [...]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid when Transitioning from Classroom Training to eLearning

The latest workplace report published by LinkedIn states that companies are increasingly spending their budget for online learning than for the traditional instructor-based learningToday, with the unprecedented penetration of technology, it is predicted that 98% of all companies plan to use e-learning by 2020.Hence, in the blog I have included a curated list of ‘not [...]

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