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6 Factors Shaping the Future of Learning Technology

If you recall the training sessions conducted in 1990's, it was a classroom training wherein a meeting was held in a conference hall in a hotel and the trainer used to come with a print out material where he distributes it to the learners along with the notebook and pen. The trainer used to [...]

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Stock Photos in E-Learning:10 Dos and Don’ts To Use Them

Images play a vital role while developing your e-learning project. According to Brain Vision (1), it was reported that people who hear information they are likely to remember only 10 %, however, if a relevant image is paired with the same information the retention rate jumped by 65%, by reading this amazing fact we [...]

By |2018-10-26T18:00:28+05:30May 28th, 2018|Visual Design|

Seven Reasons why Learners are not Watching your E-Learning Videos

You have painstakingly created an e-learning video, using vfx effects, sound effects, an endearing character but your e-learning videos do not seem to have any takers. If you come across this situation then the first thing you need to accept is that there is something which has gone drastically wrong with your e-learning videos [...]

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4 Tips To Use Infographics In Microlearning

Microlearning is a powerful medium of delivering bite size content to the learners on demand, just in time, on the go etc. Microlearning can be in various forms/formats like: Videos Animations Games Infographics Infographics in microlearning can be a very interesting combination as they are a way to represent large bites of information in [...]

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3 Things You Need To Know About HTML5 E-Learning

Being an e-learning developer you must be knowing that while publishing your output as HTML5, it will be interpreted by each browser differently. There are various web browsers in the market today some of the popular ones are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The major issue with HTML5 is that it [...]

By |2018-10-18T18:02:41+05:30May 17th, 2018|E Learning Development, E-Learning Fundamentals|

Which Music Suits the most for your E-Learning?

In my previous blog, I had written about the popular sites to choose free music files for your E-Learning project. After identifying the different websites you might be wondering as to which music should be included in your online courses and where. I have made your life simpler by giving you cues in this [...]

By |2018-11-01T18:53:50+05:30May 4th, 2018|E Learning, E Learning Development|

What does the Shift to HTML5 mean for E-Learning Developers?

During the coffee break, I was catching up with my e-learning developer colleague who is an ace in rapid authoring tools and he was mentioning how the advent of rapid authoring tools has redefined the e-learning development. It was a welcome change for the developers from flash to using rapid authoring tools, most of [...]

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