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5 Important Legal Rights Every Women Employees Must Know About the PoSH Act

On this International Women's day, when people use the online social networks and apps like WhatsApp to sends and shares hundreds of Women’s day messages it is important that we take a look back to the previous year- 2018. What had started as a #metoo movement from the Hollywood industry spread through various organizations [...]

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12 Popular Ways To Improve E-learning Infographics

What are infographics? Infographic is a solution for presenting information through palatable visual nuggets. In general, there are two types of infographics -   1.Quantitative 2.Qualitative Infographics When the infographics are designed for the purpose of learning and when delivered through the various modes of e-learning like mobile, desktop etc, it’s called e-learning infographics. [...]

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6 Effective Ways L&D Will Adopt Digital Transformation In 2019

The quest for digital innovation in L&D has taken a massive leap and is showing positive momentum since the last few years. The year 2018 witnessed developments in the way learning and training are conducted in workplaces and encouraged many organisations to explore new innovations in corporate learning and reinvent themselves to smoothly embrace [...]

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What is E-Learning Gamification?

E-learning (electronic learning) is the use of technology, such as computers and digital technology, for instruction and education. Gamification of learning has been a hot topic in recent years and is increasingly gaining higher adoption rate and popularity in the e-learning space. Before going deep into gamification of e-learning it’s always important to understand [...]

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9 Ways To Engage Remote Workers With Compliance E-Learning

What are the best practices to engage remote workers to complete compliance e-learning? With compliance e-learning meeting the usual frowny and disappointed faces from the learners, organisations are exploring newer and innovative ways to engage the workers. However, things get more complicated for the L&D teams, when dealing with dispersed and remote workers in [...]

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Content Gamification Vs Structured Gamification In E-Learning

There is no doubt that e-learning gamification is one the most favorite corporate learning strategies for various corporate training requirements. Gamification of learning is a broad term that can be further divided into two types-structural gamification and content gamification. Both structural gamification and content gamification give a game like experience but their design methodologies differ. [...]

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Scenario Based Cyber Security E-Learning-Data Security

According to the statistics published by research group IDC, The World's Data Hits 163 Zettabytes In 2025.  While the world is witnessing a data explosion, there is something which often gets overlooked i.e Protecting and Disposing of Data Securely. With huge volumes of data generated daily, it becomes the equal responsibility of the organisation [...]

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