Did you know that 93 % of the audience feel interactive content is more informative while educating the buyer when compared with static content? And more than 51 % of the companies have started implementing interactive content strategy into overall digital marketing campaign for more than 3 years.

Having disrupted the digital marketing and the mobile app space, interactive videos are now entering the digital learning space as well and yes, I have a strong reason to believe that they are going to be one of the learning methodologies that will shape the future of learning.

My belief is based on the following three developments:

1)Entry of millennial workforce into the organizations demanding a totally new way of consuming the content.
2) Growing penetration of smartphones and 4g mobile connectivity.
3) Lesser attention spans of the learners and their demand for learning at the point of need.

In interactive videos, the learners can interact by using gestures, voice, touch, and clicks. With the help of these interactive elements, they can engage with the video anywhere anytime.

Here are six examples of how the companies are using interactive videos to engage with the audience. While these videos are not strictly for learning purpose but they are based on the same principles of engaging and captivating your audience. We as e-learning development companies can always draw inspirations for our next learning video from here.

1. Warner Bros. Focus 
Link – http://www.raptmedia.com/customers/warner-bros-focus/

With the help of Rapt Media interactive video technology, Warner Bros. developed an interactive video to engage the millennials to boost the ticket sales and to grow awareness of their box office release of the movie “Focus”. In this interactive video you can play a con artist testing his/her skills through a series of interactive scenarios to see if you have what it takes to pull off as a con.

2. Life Saver UK 
Link – https://life-saver.org.uk/

Life Saver interactive video was produced by UK Resuscitation Council as an impactful way to educate viewers about safe, effective CPR. These skills are required by every individual to make an impact between life and death. It is one of the very good examples of e-learning in the healthcare sector.

3. Deloitte
Link – http://info.raptmedia.com/blog/deloitte-interactive-enterprise-video

Deloitte being the largest professional services firm in the world, launched an interactive video for recruitment and induction of graduates. It combines elements of fun and decision making with interactive elements through different scenarios. They created a POV (Point Of View) interactive style to educate the new recruits and prospective recruits regarding the various values and principles for which the company stands.

4. Pepsi
Link https://www.vidyard.com/blog/pepsi-uses-interactive-video-to-wow-fifa-fans/

In order to reach out to the football fans Pepsi used interactive video for 2014 world cup. The video begins from the streets of Rio De Janeiro and includes different icons to create a personalized video experience. By using multi-linear story style, it lets you choose what you want to see. It will also encourage the audience to replay the entire video as they might have skipped or missed the clickable interactions.

5. Morgan Stanley
Link – http://partners.wsj.com/morgan-stanley/capital-creates-change/sustainability/edge-climate-change/

Financial services company Morgan Stanley created a new campaign to create awareness on sustainability and climate change issues. They developed a interactive video where it showcases the adverse effects of climate changes and how one can protect oneself against it. Through this video Morgan Stanley positioned itself as a leader in finding sustainable solutions.

6. Vidyard 
Link – https://www.vidyard.com/platform/tour/

This website is full of examples of interactive content that is not only entertaining but helpful as well. It even includes call to action buttons as well, engaging the viewers to fill out a form turning this interactive content into lead generation tool.

So what do you think about these videos? Do you have any plans to implement interactive videos as a part of your overall learning strategy? Please do share your views.