All of us in the e-learning industry are aware of how SCORM, came into existence and revolutionized the e-learning standards. While SCORM was developed by ADL, Rustici Software is the one which made SCORM really popular by helping various organizations, universities and federal agencies comply with SCORM standards. As an effort in the same direction, Rustici also created tools to help the e-learning community comply and manage SCORM standards and one such tool is SCORM Cloud. In this blog we will share with you the fundamentals of SCORM Cloud.

1. What is SCORM Cloud?

 “A simpler way to deliver e-learning” that’s how Rustici Software beautifully sums up the purpose of SCORM cloud.  SCORM Cloud is a cloud-hosted player which helps an organization to host its content and enables the learners to access it from anywhere. As the courses are hosted in the cloud, you can retrieve the content anytime and deliver it to your learners.

2. Why should you use SCORM Cloud?

  • Test for SCORM compliance

Over the years, SCORM Cloud has become one of the most popular tools for e-learning developers and the community to test their content on it to see if the e-learning content is in conformance with the SCORM standards. SCORM cloud really tells you as to how your SCORM content is interacting with the LMS.

• Cloud Storage

With the help of SCORM Cloud, you can store all the SCORM packages such as courses, documents (PDF, PPT and so on), assessments in one centralized server creating a cloud database of the course content.

• Online course companies can give access to their clients 

Many online course companies are using SCORM Cloud to give access of their courses to the clients.

• Monitor

SCORM Cloud helps in tracking of the learner’s activity in the course and even it gives you insights about how many learners are accessing the module.

• Easy delivery

With the help of SCORM Cloud, you can deliver the course contents right at the learner’s place.

• Easy enrolling of learners

With SCORM Cloud by just sharing an email link and by clicking on the link learners can get access to the course.

• Control of the content

SCORM Cloud gives you complete control over your content. You can manage your content updates in one place. You can add/remove learners from course, in short you can do the entire tracking of your content in one place.

• Integration

SCORM Cloud can be integrated with popular apps such as WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Salesforce, Sakai and many more.

3. Can I store  my other content in SCORM Cloud?

Yes, you can store documents such as PPT, PDF, word file as well as excel files.

4. Can I create assessments in SCORM Cloud?

Yes, you can create assessments (tests as well as surveys) in SCORM Cloud by using Quizzage which can be tracked and delivered in SCORM Cloud or LMS.

5. What are the types of assessments that I can create in SCORM Cloud?

By using Quizzage you can create following assessments like :

• Multiple choice questions
• True or false
• Fill in the blank
• Match the following/Drag and drop

6. Can I Integrate xAPI into SCORM Cloud?

Yes, SCORM Cloud supports xAPI content as well.

7. What are the advantages if I use xAPI in SCORM Cloud?

As mentioned above SCORM Cloud supports xAPI and with the help of xAPI :

i) You can track users even when they are offline
ii) You can have very detailed insights about a learner’s journey much more than what SCORM offers
iii) Your learners can take learning outside the browser
v) You can even track, games and simulations as well

8. What kind of content can be uploaded to SCORM Cloud?

SCORM Cloud supports formats such as :

i) SCORM (Any Version)
ii) AICC
iii) xAPI
iv) AICC standard
v) OMI5
vi) Even you can create a course from a video
vii) Quizzes and Surveys from Quizzgage

9. What are the formats which SCORM cloud supports?

SCORM Cloud supports multiple delivery formats such as :
i) SCORM 1.2
ii) SCORM 2004 2nd Edition
iii) SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
iv) SCORM 2004 4th Edition
vi) Experience API (xAPI)
vii) cmi5
viii) PENS

10. When SCORM can deliver the content and track results still do I need an LMS?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements, if you just need to deliver and track your content then SCORM Cloud is enough for you, however, if you want to explore additional features like managing roles of users, have forums, chat rooms, track compliance requirements then you should go for any LMS whether cloud based or server based.

11.Can I use SCORM Cloud on trial basis?

Yes you can use SCORM Cloud on a trial basis and there is no expiry period (the best part of SCORM Cloud is that it is perpetually free). However, there are certain limitations, which are associated with a trial account which are 1) up to 100 MB Storage of content and 2) only 10 active user registrations. However if you are using  SCORM Cloud for testing the content only, then a trial log in can more than suffice your purpose.

12. What are the pricing options for SCORM Cloud?

You can refer to the below screenshot  for SCORM Cloud pricing options (which has been taken directly from Rustici’s website) :

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about SCORM cloud and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at