Mobile applications are gaining a lot of momentum nowadays as it is used by all the age group from children to adults. It is the most preferred medium for the millennials as they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as per their convenience.

As the technology advances, the companies are now going mobile in order to meet the demands of the mobile workforce. Earlier the learner had the option to play the module only through computers or laptops but nowadays with the advance of technology the learner can access the modules across multiple devices thanks to the mobile learning applications that are making our lives easier.

Let’s take a look at what are the advantages of Mobile learning apps :

1. Increases completion rates and retention

As the learning can happen anywhere and anytime, it will increase the accessibility of the users and the learners will be able to complete the module on time. When the contents are broken down into chunk sized module it will increase the retention levels in the learners as well.

2. Collaborative learning

With the social learning platforms such as forums and discussions, the learning activity can be encouraged among the learners leading to collaborative learning among the peers.

3. Cloud-based collaboration

With the integration of cloud services with the application, you can encourage the users to go offline and even to download all the learning data whenever the learning materials are available. It will also help in tracking of users progress in the modules as well.

4. Various multimedia elements

In mobile apps, even you can cater to the different learning styles and to the needs of the learners such as by using an image, podcast, use of videos to learn and so on.

5. Rewarding experience

As the learner can access the apps whenever it is required it will help in recalling the content and make the best use. Here the learning experience is very rewarding.

6. Mitigation of Legacy courses

With the help of HTML5 you can convert the legacy courses into the e-learning modules and as it supports responsive learning even it can be played on mobile devices as well. Thus it helps the organization to optimize the cost and increases ROI in learning.

7. Personalized learning experience

With the help of mobile learning apps, the user can either skip or replay the modules and helps to close the knowledge gaps soon. With the help of mobile learning apps, it will help you to create a personalized learning experience thus meeting the different learning requirements as well.