While the concept of chunking down the learning content exists from the past many years. it was only recently that the e-learning domain started to call it by the name -’microlearning ‘

What is microlearning and what is the buzz around it?

Microlearning is the chunking down of lengthy learning topics into short micro nuggets with each individual micronugget having an individual learning objective. The short micro nuggets can tackle a large volume of learning content by taking small chunks at a time.

The strong buzz around microlearning is simply due to the decreasing attention span of the learners. If the Microsoft study report is to be believed, then the average attention span of the learners has reduced to 8 seconds. This calls for the organizations to implement exclusive learning strategies to counter the decreasing attention span of the learners. At the same time the modern learners demand the learning to be more engaging and interactive and they prefer to have more control on the learning experience.

Microlearning as a learning strategy can fulfill these objectives and hence have become the best friend of every L&D team.

What are the benefits of microlearning to the learners?

1.Microlearning aids better retention, recall, and application

With the small chunks of learning contents, the learners don’t experience the information overload and hence the learners are able to retain the learning topics for long.The rich multimedia use in the microlearning modules also contributes to the increased retention of the learning topics.

German researchers reported in 2015 that microlearning improved the retention rates by 20%. Their research also found that microlearning made learners take 28% less time to answer questions which ensure a better recall of the learning topics.

2.Just in time learning

Microlearning is the ideal ‘just in time’ training tool for every organisation. Learning becomes available on-demand and in the moment of need. Learners can take it at their own pace when they are ready for it unlike pushing the learning contents forcefully to the learners.

3.Easy accessibility of the learning topics

Microlearning modules are usually designed with a mobile first approach and hence it helps the learners to access the learning content from any device and anytime.

4.What are the benefits of Microlearning based training for businesses?

1.Shorter development time

The smaller duration of microlearning content helps the microlearning to ensure a short development time. This enables the organisation to easily and quickly updates the learning topics.

2.Lower development cost

The cost of developing microlearning module has reduced rapidly. The smaller duration of the learning content with modern rapid authoring tools with the online libraries to download the templates and multimedia assets have contributed to the reducing development cost.

3.Wider areas of application in corporate training

Microlearning as a learning strategy can be implemented on a wide variety of corporate training requirements like sales training, compliance training, induction of the employees etc.

Moreover, microlearning modules can play multiple roles as it can be implemented as an individual or a standalone learning strategy. It can act as performance support tools as well as blend with other existing training strategies.

4.Right strategy for the next generation workforce-the millennials

Microlearning is the right strategy to train the millennials who are going to replace the existing workforce of gen x. With the reducing attention span of the millennials, microlearning is able to bridge the gap of training them effectively.

I feel that these benefits are some of the key reasons to adopt microlearning for corproate training.