The idea of including e-learning games in e-learning is amazing and  exciting, but how do you do it. Thanks to the popular authoring tools available in the market that help to develop amazing e-learning games . So in this blog, let’s explore some of the best authoring tools to develop e-learning games

1.Articulate Storyline 3

Articulate storyline 3 is another popular e-learning authoring tool in the market that helps in developing e-learning games. It helps in easy development of e-learning games.
It supports in creating games with the popular functions like:

•Use of dial interactions
•Intersect triggers in developing the e-learning games
•Triggering motion path to create interactivity and engagement in the game etc.
The simple interface and in-built functions of Articulate storyline 3 help the developers to create amazing e-learning games.
However, if you are looking to make the best use of  the online library of Articulate, I recommend Articulate 360 for you as it allows easy import of characters, multimedia graphics etc. Visit the official articulate forum to take some inspiration from the developers who have shared some popular e-learning games.


According to, ITyStudio is one of the first software authoring tool for Serious Games and for 2D and 3D simulations.Developed by the ITycom group, the tool allows the developers to design and develop amazing e-learning games from scratch. The authoring tool boasts about a different approach for assessment where the evaluation part is based on learners’ choices and actions through the serious game and not through the usual formats of using simple quizzes.

The tool supports the developer in easy development of e-learning games with a simple interface and a library that contains several ready-made characters and multimedia objects available for easy import. To enrich the visual appeal of your e-learning game, ITyStudio allows the learner to insert 4 scenes -Classic scene,Media scene,Web scene,Quiz scene.

3.Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is one of the popular rapid authoring tool in the e-learning industry. With various advanced functions available to create engaging e-learning modules, the tool never disappoints in terms of developing e-learning games too.
If you have a strong base on JavaScript, things are pretty easy as you can develop e-learning games with the use of Java scripts that are mostly supported in the HTML5 format .
To help the developers the tool allows the learners to choose from a number of game templates and themes from Adobe Captivate assets store.
The game templates can save your development time as well as  efforts to build gamified courses from scratch and most importantly  the Captivate e-learning game templates are multi-device compatible, as they are built with a  responsive design approach.

For more information on popular development tools for e-learning games, please visit our portfolio page.

4.Genie – a game-based authoring tool from Growth Engineering

Genie is another rising tool that aims to make the learner feel excited and fun. It allows the developers to easily create e-learning games in simple steps

1. Select a Game Template
2. Upload Your Questions, Videos, Images, Text & Audio
3. Populate Your Content Slides
4. Add game elements like badges & wildcards
5. Generate Your Game

Genie has its own game templates, social features and personalisation capabilities to create interactive learner experiences and enhance engagement

•Genie brings includes the reward elements by allowing the developer to even create own virtual rewards and easily integrate a leaderboard
•There is something called as Experience Points (XP)  which can act as a virtual currency and are awarded upon completing the course.
•Enables easy upload of multimedia content including quality audio
•If you have purchased the LMS from the creators of Genie, you get the option to add various levels to the game.

While the tool is relatively new, it is gaining popularity across the developers and e-learning domain.

5.Lectora Online

Lectora Online by Trivantis is one another leading cloud-based authoring tool that has a  big user base. The tool allows the developers to build easy interactive e-learning games for the corporate training requirements.
The latest version of Lectora Online 4.1 allows the developer to access the big set of online library to choose the game templates, characters  and multimedia graphics to develop an immersive learning experience.

6.Seppo For business

Seppo is a platform that turns any training into an engaging, interactive game. Seppo includes the popular game mechanics such as points, leaderboard, badges, levels, and surprise and easily create the  rule sets and including exercises to add excitement into any corporate training material.
In addition to the regular features, the tool can surprise you as it allows the use of GPS maps or images and pictures to create real world learning settings which open up the door to further personalisation.

Seppo has been used in the corporate sector for Recruitment, Onboarding, Strategy Implementation, Management Training and for Team Building.

7.VTS Editor

An authoring tool that enables the creation of behavioral simulations for digital Learning in a quick and easy way. It supports easy game development with the following functions

•Virtual character library with realistic characters
•Animate the characters in detail including adding emotions  and interactivity options
•It also allows the developers to choose a background from a wide range of environment which is a boon for the organisational requirements.
•The tool also supports the inclusion of other game mechanics like Badges, points and trophies and easily define the rules of the game.
•The tool also supports including assessments in the form of quizzes and other drag and drop interactivity etc.

These are some of the popular tools to help you develop some amazing e-learning games.

For more information on popular development tools for e-learning games, please visit our portfolio page.