Corporate Training involves planning and delivering customized training for business, government entities, or other organizations. Employers seek training intervention to help upgrade the existing skills of their employees. More and more organizations are now introducing gamification to improve their corporate training experience. To know more about gamification in learning please read my blog here.

Let me list down the top seven benefits of gamification in corporate training.

1.Make it more engaging through gamification

The traditional corporate training finds it difficult to keep the learners engaged. When corporate training is gamified, it gives learners the opportunity to interact with the module and engage themselves to make learning very smooth.The game elements used in the modules allows the learners to engage and interact with the modules . To know more about how gamification can engage your learners and ehnce the learning experience, please read my blog here.

2.Employee recognition

Employees like being recognized for their efforts and the tasks done by them. Gamification of corporate training can ensure it with the interesting game mechanics. The recognition and the sense of satisfaction which is usually absent in the traditional corporate training, can  be achieved through gamifiying corporate training.

3.Learning at own pace

The traditional classroom training can happen with the employees attending the training programs in a scheduled manner and on pre -planned dates selected by the management unlike gamification which allows the learners to learn at their own pace.Learning is not effective when it becomes forced or pushed to the learners.

4. Gamification allows for instant feedback

With gamification, learners get instant feedback for their actions and interactions.The feedback allows the learner to understand what is wrong and what is correct and what is expected from the learner. Gamification throws certain challenges and goals to learners, which induce action and lead to learning. Gamification of corporate training is built in a way that each and every action is associated with an element of scoring, winning loosing and above all learning.

5.Learning through healthy competition

Gamification usually incorporates game mechanics like leaderboards ,score points etc which ensures healthy competition among the learners which is otherwise absent in traditional corporate training programs.learning through the competition helps in better retention of the content.

6. Learning in a controlled and safe environment

In gamification a virtual and simulated environment doesn’t bring the natural fear of what if I go wrong which helps the learners to learn by enjoying the experience.
For example a manufacturing company explaining their production process with a gamified e learning module can create a simulated factory environment and introduce the various tools, machines etc.

7.The quality of training programs

In a traditional corporate training programs like classroom training the output and efficiency of the program depends a lot on the trainer, which is quite person dependent.When gamifying corporate training the objective of providing a uniform learning experience to  the learners irrespective of the training set up etc is well achieved.

As you can see there are several benefits of gamifying your corporate training. So are you ready for converting your classroom training into an engaging gamified e-learning module? Contact us at