Let’s take another fresh journey today into the world of small, micro and highly engaging microlearning by looking at a few stunning microlearning examples being used at workplaces. And while putting these microlearning examples, as always, I have briefly mentioned my opinion about them.

Lets begin….

1.Modern Sexual Harassment Training: Empowering Real Change

Well, I have put this as my first microlearning example as I believe that microlearning when used in compliance training can be an effective engagement and compliance support tool.

As all you discerned readers will agree that sexual harassment at workplace is a serious issue gripping the workplaces and in fact has become a major cause of concern to most of the organizations. As per the law also every organisation/employer is responsible to provide a free and safe working environment for its employees.

Hence prevention of sexual harassment training (POSH) becomes very important to ensure that the employees are very well aware of the sexual harassment issues and have a recourse available with them and what better way to train them than a microlearning.

What I liked?

1.Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very formal learning topic. Hence I  feel that bringing a lot of fun and game elements can simply destroy the learning objectives. The microlearning example here used a recorded video session to explain the various topics of sexual harassment at work.

2. Further in the given example of microlearning, the human expressions and actions are very well captured to enable the learners to understand the severity of the situation or the incident.

2.cGMP Onboarding by United Pharmaceuticals

The second example of microlearning again relates to compliance in a manufacturing sector. United Therapeutics is a biotechnology company headquartered in the USA. The company developed a short 5 minute animated video that teaches the learners on the importance of current Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP).

What I liked ?

1.The graphics, as well as the multimedia content used in this example helps the learner to better relate to the learning content. There is an appropriate use of background graphics in every scene like to depict the testing lab or outside of the premises etc.

2.The animated microlearning video while narrating the Do’s and Dont’s of the good manufacturing practices shows the relatable and contextual animated scenarios, which can help the learners to better relate and understand the learning content.

3.The microlearning example also includes an animated character who takes the role of an instructor here to guide the learners through the entire microlearning video.

3.Tesco: Compliance Board Game

Compliance training- Training your employees on compliance topic include various challenges as the learners generally presume that compliance learning as boring and disengaging. Tesco developed an interactive and engaging board game to help people develop knowledge and skills for handling fire safety issues at work.

What I liked ?

1.I loved the graphics and the use of multimedia assets in this microlearning example. The characters were an affable  styled cartoon characters and , which gave a cool look to the game.

2. The game kept the learners engaged with various challenges throughout the game.

3. The game is broken into smaller nuggets of 10 mini-games thus ensuring that the learners are not overloaded with the content and they are being tested on a particular aspect in each micro game.

4. The game includes various scenarios, which put the learners in various challenging situations. Hence making the e-learning engaging and interactive.

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4.Broken Co-worker

Broken Co-worker is a very popular example of microlearning that is able to rightly capture the learners’ attention and engage them throughout the microlearning by including various interactive  scenarios
This example includes the character Mr. Sam who is on the verge of quitting from his new job because of bullying from his colleague. The objective of the course is to help Sam in communicating with Ema, the correct responses to the situations so that Sam doesn’t quit his dream job.

What I liked?

1The comic strip like callouts and dialogues are neat and gave a good visual appeal to the scenario of an office conversation.

2. Instead of using animated characters, the e-learning uses real characters, real objects and videos.

3. Careful use of the video was the highlight of this microlearning example. The interactive video used here takes the responses from the user and the next scene is shown in response to the decision made by the user.

4. The active interactions across the microlearning never made the learners’ feel bored or disengaged.

5.Workplace risk assessment

This microlearning example takes the learners through the steps for carrying out a workplace risk assessment.

What I liked?

1.A beautifully designed e-learning layout with the right mix of all the required elements like graphics, text and other objects. The choice of color schemes makes the microlearning example look amazing as well as clear and readable.

2.The example further invites user actions by allowing them to click on the icons to reveal more information. For example, on the first slide, there are bar-shaped icons which reveal more information about the various type of hazards upon clicking on them.

3.Once the courses are completed, the learner can easily replay the course as and when needed.

6.A Date with Data Dave

The gold winner at Omni Awards in the educational category, A Date with Data Dave according to their official makers is a ‘microlearning nugget on Data Security designed using the Interactive Parallax web-based scrolling technology’.

What I liked?

1.Quoting again the technology behind this –  ‘Parallax web-based scrolling technology’ was a welcome change from the regular click or slide of the next buttons on my screen.

2.The scrolling journey across the three offices had the elements of interactivity like clicking on the various objects like open laptops and books which showed tips and information about data protection and how people can be careless in managing data.

3.The microlearning example is designed in a way that lets the important information stick with the learners. As there is a ‘Don’t forget’ label, which appears and  captures what was learned in the stage. This helps in creating a positive reinforcement among the learners.

4.The microlearning has an interactive assessment towards the end, which engages the user with a drag and drop activity.

With microlearning becoming popular and relevant in the workplace learning , I am certain that it will have wider application for corporate training requirements. So do you have any other microlearning examples to share? Feel free to share your valuable thoughts and suggestions using the comment box below.

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