It is well-known and understood that companies cannot grow their businesses without talented and skilled workforce. This has brought major changes to talent acquisition and recruiting strategies, especially when it comes to attract those with highly relevant and contemporary skills. When the ‘attraction & acquisition’ phase ends with the successful recruitment, the next important phase of retention and engagement starts. And for the new generation of top-notchers, who makes career decisions every single day, this phase starts at day-one, at induction. So, having an effective e-Induction program is imperative. It will reduce the cost of turnover within your organization, plus it will help you increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

Let us now look at the few steps to increase the effectiveness of your e-Induction program:

It’s not just business, it’s personal too.
Every individual is different; so are their learning needs. Consider implementing a learning motivation environment as soon as the induction phase starts and make sure this environment provides personalization tools that would help create a familiar atmosphere.

Know your subject material well!

There is no golden rule on how much time you need to put into creating the ideal content, but one thing is certain – you need to take your time to research material before making it available to your learners. The reasons are simple, you want to be prepared to back up any claims made within your course material, not all learners digest information the same way, and some may need more explanation through examples or further proof.

Provide Flexibility

Joining a new, big team can be overwhelming for some of your new hires. Allow them to have their induction training at their own pace; again and again if needed; at home if they would rather. Allow a reasonable time frame for the training program to be completed.

Platform should be easy to navigate and fully functional

When designing the site and e-learning platform, ease of navigation and functionality should be a top priority. A well organized and intuitive web-based learning platform enables learners to focus on the coursework rather than having to sort out technical issues that may arise from poorly designed sites and systems.

Evaluate the content: Last but not least, make sure you have your e-induction program evaluated. It is important to have reports on employees’ engagement and satisfaction rates. The orientation and induction courses are an organization’s “elevator pitch” for employees.

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