Sexual harassments in any forms or types cannot be tolerated in any organisation. But at the same time, it’s important that every employee is aware of What constitutes sexual harassment and what are the various type of sexual harassments in the workplace.

What is Sexual harassment at work/workplace?

As per the PoSH Act, 2013 -“Sexual Harassment” includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior

(whether directly or by implication), namely:

•Physical contact or advances;

•A demand or request for sexual favors;

•Making sexually colored remarks;

•Showing pornography;

•Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

What are the different types of sexual harassments that can be identified at a work/workplace

1.Verbal Harassment

2.Non-Verbal Harassment

3.Visual Harassment

4.Physical Harassment

5.Physiological Harassment

1.Verbal Harassment

• Words can be just as offensive as physical acts and contact. Sexually colored jokes, comments and stories can be sexually harassing.

• Offensive languages that demean or insults a colleague at work/workplace

• Requests for sexual favors from a colleague at work/workplace 

2.Non-Verbal Harassment

• Offensive gestures like staring, leering, with an intention to discomfort the other party.

• Trying to corner the other party at the workplace for sexual advances.

3.Visual sexual harassment

• It can include obscene or sexually explicit images in the forms of  posters, email attachments, photographs, screensavers, wallpaper on a computer, texts and other graphic images that offend the colleague

• The display of offensive content, books and magazines, websites, etc or derogatory written material at once workplace.

• Sharing obscene or pornographic content through electronic mediums like social websites, Instant chat apps like WhatsApp etc.

4.Physical harassment

• Physical contact or advances that are aimed to physically harass a  colleague at the work/workplace

• Intentional touching of the body to embarrass or put the other party uncomfortable(examples- Hugs, kisses, etc)

5.Physiological Harassment

Any form of repeated and unwanted requests for sexual favors leading to a harmful work environment for the employee constitutes psychological harassments. It includes all or any form of verbal, non-verbal, visual and physical harassments.

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