Employee on-boarding is something which requires a lot of attention. Many of the HR managers have observed that roughly only about 30% of employees are engaged during the on-boarding process. This can be because of the complex content, lack of trainers expertise and too much of irrelevant content. The main purpose of on-boarding process is to integrate new employees into the company and make them understand the systems and procedures followed by the organization. This will help the new employees in settling down quickly in the new work environment, and gives them a sense of belonging.

Continuing with the discussion, let us look at few tips on how video helps in making the On-boarding process more effective:

Helps in better retention and recall: The main goal or objective of employee on-boarding is to make sure that all the new joiners get the same response and importance irrespective of the location and their availability. Adding a video in an induction module will help the organization in better retention of employees and also with its flexibility and easy access it helps the employees in better recall in case he/she has forgotten something taught during the onboarding process.

Make it precise and to the point: Most of the millennials living in the current digital age have a less attention span. While most of the videos will be of more than 10 seconds duration we can use a string of short video clips to get to the point in a way that’s engaging. Too much of information passing in one session can lead to employees losing the focus or forgetting some important points. Instead of creating one long video, even if it can be stopped and started again, use short tutorials and modules that are well categorized and helps employees in staying connected.

Give them a tour of their possible future: New employees like to focus on their possible future by focusing on how they can grow themselves in the current or any other organization. Due to this mindset, only a few percent of new employees see themselves with the same organization in years down the line. Use the videos to keep these employees around by showing them the long-lasting benefits that they will be getting with numerous opportunities for growth.

Cost effective: This module is highly cost-effective as long as you are aware of what you want the content for and how much you want it developed? Since it is going to be virtual training the cost incurred will be one time and as a ready E-learning module, the same content can be used for the new employees joining in the future without additional cost incurred and bringing in necessary changes if required.

Helps employees in personal growth and development: Employees from the very beginning learn the right way of doing things rather than taking decisions based on their assumptions and with the learning being so interesting and convenient it helps the company to establish a professional impression of the business, including the code of conduct which helps in increasing their productivity further.

With above-mentioned points, I have attempted to highlight my views on how a video can help in making the employee on-boarding more effective. Feel free to share your thoughts at ricky@playxlpro.com.