New employees before joining the organization goes through various challenges and excitement. For someone who is just stepping into the corporate world will get the mix feelings of anxiety and stress. To overcome such situation gamification can be considered as it has caught the attention of many and helps in capturing learner’s attention to give them training on various required skills. Each passing day we can witness the increase in acceptance of gamified learning across different corporate sectors.

Let us now look at few tips to use games in employee on boarding:

Give a tour of workplace virtually: There is nothing better than letting your new employee know about the organization in advance. Getting an idea about the organization conducts even before joining gives confidence to the new employees and helps them in getting prepared for the new work environment and role.

Product and services knowledge: It is very essential for the employees to know about the features and benefits of the products and services. At times online module alone might not give the desired outcome hence, including a game might help in getting the desired solution or target. Take for an example: Employees are introduced to different types customers, this includes their purchasing needs, a bit about their background, and their available budget. On the other side of the screen is a collection of products or services, along with their important details. The player must match each customer with the best product in order to unlock the eLearning scenario for that character. During the E-Learning scenario the employee must negotiate the deal and complete the sales process.

Educate new employees about the company’s history: Giving insights about the company history to the employees is a matter of pride and honour. The most effective way to use it is by presenting your company’s history and culture. With this employees gets to see the production process and lot of inner working of the brand grown over the years. Employees feel connected with this activity and are more likely to stick around with the company for long that eventually results in reduced cost and increased profits.

Including online treasure hunt game: Usually there are various games assessments to make the E-learning more engaging and effective, but games like treasure hunt are easy to create and is very effective. For example, they will be asked to search for a particular object and drag it to the target that helps them in clearing the current level. This sort of game builds up interest in learning and are highly engaging.

Make compliance training interesting: Compliance training mostly comes after the completion of induction process. We can even give access to the module in advance to get a head start. Turning compliance training into an interesting game can make it more enjoyable and interesting, transform your company’s policies and terms into an adventure this will help in preventing costly compliance violations and ensures that all the team members are well prepared.

Game assessments improve online training effectiveness and employee engagement by incorporating the fun factor, but they must also align with organizational objectives in order to improve the corporate eLearning ROI.