Induction or Employee on-boarding process plays a significant role in keeping the employees motivated and charged up for the new job role as well as the place. It has been observed by most of the organization that not more than 30% of the employees are engaged during the on-boarding process. Trainer’s expertise is crucial in this process as failing to understand the perception of the learners or using some heavy jargons might lead to ineffective session and will reduce the engagement level or interest of the learners. The main objective of on-boarding process is to help the new employee in getting comfortable with his new role and educating him about the systems and procedures of the organization. This will help the employees in getting acquainted to the new work environment with ease and gives them a sense of belonging.

Lets look at few of the innovative techniques of on-boarding and inducting a new employee:

Offer money to the employees even if they are quitting the organization: Employee gets a clear picture after the induction and are able to come to conclusion of whether to continue with the organization. Company like “ZAPPOS” offers a five week training program where they are trained about the entire process and their roles in the company. At the end of the training employees are offered $4000 to quit the organization if they feel they are not fit for the role, surprisingly only few of them accepts the offer.

Giving the choice of choosing the project of their choice: Big organizations like NETFLIX and FACEBOOK gives the liberty of choosing the project of own choice on the first week itself. This helps in boosting up the employees morale and keeping them motivated. With this they are not only showing the confidence on their new employees but also creates an environment where employees get the sense of belonging.

Keeping the desk ready for the new joinees: This will definitely help the employees in feeling more comfortable and welcomed. Setting up their desk even before their arrival shows that the company ready to welcome him and his creativity. This gesture shows that the company is highly enthusiast of the employees coming onboard.

Initiate a Buddy system: Initiating a mentor or a buddy to the new employees makes it easier for them to get along in the new work environment. Its nice when you are prepared rather than looking lost.

Pre-planned induction schedules: Planning a day for the new joinees helps in carrying out a proper induction training. If a company is not able to arouse interest among employees about the company culture and work in the first 45 minutes then they should understand that something is not done right. Hence, a proper planning is required to ensure that the new joinees/employees have a smooth 1st day rather than creating a panicking situation for him because of confusions.

Onboarding and Induction has always been a key factor in retaining the employees for long run. Organization should definitely come up with many new innovative ideas to ensure that the induction or on-boarding process goes smooth.

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